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The Wedding Wishing Well Foundation – A Worthy Charity Gift List

  The idea of a charity donation for a wedding gift list has been around for some time.  We asked our guests who wanted to buy us a gift to donate to the NSPCC, instead of buying gifts we didn’t need since we had lived together for 8 years.  We, like many other couples already had all [...]


A Wedding Vending Machine? – It’s A New Approach!

I love this story on the BBC News website today about the AutoWed Wedding Vending machine from a British company Concept Shed.  For £1 you get to get hitched quickly (not legally obviously), receive two plastic rings and a personalilsed certificate.  The machine prompts you for the type of union you require, straight, gay, lesbian [...]

Night-time Weddings To Be Allowed

Night-time Weddings To Be Allowed

For those romantics who’ve always dreamed of a night-time wedding, taking your vows under the starry skies, there is good news ahead.  You will no longer be constrained to the current hours of 8am until 6pm under the Marriage Act of 1886 as there are plans to allow 24hour weddings in England and Wales as [...]

Confetti fall into Adminstration

Wedding giant Confetti have gone into administration today and its network of 5 high street stores are to close.  This came as a bit of a shock to us as the Confetti website has been around for as long as we have been in the wedding business (since 1999) and has seemingly grown from strength to strength.   [...]

Is all washed up ?

Is all washed up ?

Regular readers of the wedding blog may have noted that there has been no new posts for around 3 weeks.  That may not seem that unusual especially when you consider we regularly leave it 3 or so weeks to write a new article here on Weddingo.  The difference with Bridalwave is that they are part of [...]

Get Married & Baptise Your Children At The Same Ceremony

The Church is changing, there once was a time that to have children out of wedlock would have been frowned upon and unmarried couples with children would have had a civil ceremony rather than a Church wedding.  Apparently one in five couples wishing to marry in a Church already have children, so to try and [...]

The Wedding Bouquet That Caused A Plane Crash!

The Wedding Bouquet That Caused A Plane Crash!

Now here is a lesson in how not to try and ‘outdo’ everyone else.  A bride and groom in Italy decided that instead of the bride just throwing the bouquet over her shoulder to her waiting female guests as is traditional in many countries, that they would go a step further and have a microlight [...]

My Local Wedding Event

My Local Wedding Event is a brand new website from the people behind Wedding Ideas magazine.  Its a great idea and one that I have’nt come across before.  In  nutshell, its a national directory of wedding fairs, wedding dress designer days and other wedding related events organised by county.  Most of the big wedding portals such as Confetti [...]

Elegant Venues – The Brainchild Of Claire Young Who Is No Apprentice!

Would you allow one of Sir Alan Sugars Apprentices arrange your wedding venue and big day for you?  Well if it was self proffessed ‘rottweiler’ Claire Young who made it to the final on the show in 2008 then I think the answer would be yes!  Since the final Claire has appeared on LK Today and [...] launch new website launch new website

Confetti have been teasing us with banners promoting a revamp of their leading wedding website for several weeks now.  Slogans on their homepage have been promising a new Confetti that has “just got more gorgeous” and it even allows you try out the new Beta website (beta is just the techy term for a [...]