Get Married & Baptise Your Children At The Same Ceremony

The Church is changing, there once was a time that to have children out of wedlock would have been frowned upon and unmarried couples with children would have had a civil ceremony rather than a Church wedding.  Apparently one in five couples wishing to marry in a Church already have children, so to try and meet the needs of such couples and to encourage the Baptism of children, the Church of England are relaxing the rules so that a Baptism can take place during the wedding ceremony. 

Whilst the Church still wants to teach celibacy outside of marriage, they are also realising that times have changed and  it seems to make sense to me that they don’t  ’shut out’ those who have sinned.  Often it is the enforcement of strict rules that will discourage people from attending Church, by relaxing the rules and creating a warm welcome to everyone, the Church is far more likely to see their flock grow.  

If you are getting married and wish to have your children Baptised at the same time have a look at The Church Of England website where there is a link to Your Church Wedding with details regarding all aspects of getting married in a Church.

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