The Wedding Bouquet That Caused A Plane Crash!

Wedding Bouquet

Wedding Bouquet

Now here is a lesson in how not to try and ‘outdo’ everyone else.  A bride and groom in Italy decided that instead of the bride just throwing the bouquet over her shoulder to her waiting female guests as is traditional in many countries, that they would go a step further and have a microlight plane fly over the wedding reception to throw the bouquet.  But it seems that nobody had the foresight to see the potential problem that lay ahead, namely that the bouquet could get sucked into the planes engine, causing it to catch fire and explode, which it did.  The pilot was unhurt as was the wedding party on the ground, but the guest who threw the bouquet from the plane suffered multiple injuries to his legs as well as a head injury.  Sometimes it’s best to just stick to the old fashioned traditions, you want your guests to remember your wedding for all the right reasons, and exploding planes is not a good reason!

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  1. Lisa says:

    I wonder if they had wedding insurance and would it have covered this!!!


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