Sky Lantern release for a dramatic wedding finale

Sky Lanterns Wedding

Many couples often look for some entertainment during the wedding day to add splash of drama and wow factor to the proceedings.  A popular choice is a ‘release’ of some description whether it is butterflies, balloons, doves, or fireworks and these are all popular crowd pleasers.  Now there is another option to add to the list with the choice of a sky lantern release.

Sky Lanterns are traditionally used in Asian festivals where the rise of the Lantern symbolises their troubles and woes floating away to be replaced with good luck and fortune in the future.  They look a bit like those large paper lampshades that you can pick up in the Marketplace section of Ikea or your local DIY store and are made from biodegradable paper so tick all the right boxes for an eco friendly display.  The flame lit underneath provides the uplift using the same principle as a hot air balloon to float the lanterns into the sky on a calm dark evening for a dramatic display.  If you cannot visualise the effect then take a look at three  of the leading companies in the field, Night Sky Lanterns,  Light a Lantern or to see a video of a sky lantern release.  Both of these companies offer wedding packages.

Sky Lantern Crowd Display

The Lanterns can be used both day and night and although coloured lanterns can be used for a daytime display they still do not match the dramatic effect of a night time release.  You can ask your guests to write their own good luck messages on the lanterns which can be read by the bride and groom whilst the crescendo of the release reaches its final moments.  I think it makes a more romantic alternative to a firework display but is best suited for a summer marquee wedding.  Firstly, the weather conditions can be better guaranteed in the summer and strong wind and rain will ruin the display.  Secondly, a marquee wedding where your guests are already outside makes the display seem more spontaneous and your guests will not have to be rounded up like sheep and paraded into the gardens to view the release.

Prices for a Sky Lantern release vary according to the number of Lanterns, size of lantern, whether you are releasing them yourself or getting a professional display.  As a very rough guide a diy approach can cost a few hundred pounds and a managed display can cost upwards of £800.

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  1. bob says:

    If you want to see some more sky lantern videos, have a look at they even have some football shaped ones.

  2. Lynne says:

    Lanterns look lovely, butterfly releases can look pretty if they are still alive in those little boxes they are kept in, but Doves have real meaning and significance. A Dove Release when done correctly will put all these others in the shade.

  3. Leanne Nigelson says:

    I bought mine from, very good and the guests adored them.

  4. Mic says:

    Does anyone know of a good, reasonably priced Champange or any deals on Champagne?????????????

  5. mic says:

    Anyone know where i can get fancy cutlery for a good reasonable price?

  6. Matt says:

    Mmmmm, not sure what champagne and fancy cutlery have to do with Night Sky Lanterns but back on the Night Sky Lanterns topic visitors to this site will be interested to hear that we have same fantastic promotional codes for Night Sky Lanterns on our new sister site


  7. Gemma & Mike Yarwood says:

    The perfect way to our wedding celebration – Mike and I wanted to make our special day one to remember and for all our family to enjoy, we had thought about releasing balloons or doves but instead we ordered our wedding lanterns with They were all packaged well and arrived safely. You won’t be disappointed! Gx

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  9. says:

    This is diffently a great idea and most certainly a great closing for a wedding. Everything on these websites, though, are in Euros. I live in the United States and I am having a hard time finding sky lanterns that are sold here..
    Does anybody know where any sky lanterns are sold or a website that I could use. That would be wonderful and thank you in advance.

  10. Sky Lanterns says:

    Night Sky Lanterns are now offering further discounts. Use the code ‘WED2011′ for a 10% discount off all wedding lanterns!

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