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I have never been very impressed with DIY Wedding Invitations. The bridal forums are full of posts from brides eager to show off their self made invitations to the wedding community. Gushing comments follow about how wonderful they look but I can’t help wondering how many of the praises are from people, like me, who wouldn’t dream of being so rude as to offer criticism. Most diy efforts that I see on the web look very much the same and are produced from low quality card with some kind of craft embellishment stuck on the front. It does not surprise me that most efforts look the same because if you take a trip to any craft store you will struggle to find good quality card and materials. Most card on sale is the same flimsy low weight hammered or linen effect card and any stick on embellishments on offer wouldn’t look out of place in a children’s pre-school play session. What annoys me further is that the cost of these low quality materials is often so expensive.

Speedycraft DIY Wedding Invitations

Speedycraft are trying to reshape the DIY wedding invitation market by offering quality materials that allow brides to produce quality wedding stationery that doesn’t look ‘handmade’. I believe that are are many brides who do not want the ‘handmade’ look I have tried to describe as politely as possible, without trying to offend, in my previous paragraph. They simply want gorgeous wedding stationery that wont cost them an arm and leg and do not mind putting in a few hours of their spare time to make them. Now, I have to point out at this stage that I am one of the partners of Olivia Samuel Wedding Stationery, and Speedycraft is a new venture launched by Olivia Samuel. This blog is not a bit of shameless self promotion however because we only blog about things we love here on Weddingo and I have to say that our new Speedycraft site is the most exciting thing I have been involved with after 10+ years in the wedding industry. Our aim is for brides to produce the same gorgeous designs that we have been selling at Olivia Samuel for a fraction of the cost.

We are in the process of replicating our Olivia Samuel designs on Speedycraft in a DIY form.   We want the site to be as flexible as possible so there are no pack sizes and no minimum order quantities. If a customer wants to try out a card they can just purchase one invitation if they like.   Once we have diy projects available for all our Olivia Samuel designs we will be introducing brand new designs that are exclusive to Speedycraft.   First on the site is our Verona Collection, a gorgeous embossed gatefold design that is available in over 30 colours.  We would love to know what you think of the site and if you have any suggestions for the site as it develops.

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