Pink Princess Wedding Dress

Pink Princess Wedding Dress
We all scoffed at Katie Price when she turned up at her wedding in a princess horse and carriage and got out looking like a huge pink meringue, but let’s be honest girls, that was all for show for fear of approving of her.  Deep down in our inner child, we have all dreamed of being a princess on our wedding day, after all we are marrying our prince charmings aren’t we!  I think Katie was very brave to put two fingers up to the establishment i.e the media, and show that she was not going to be told by designers what was the trend for this season, but go with what she instinctively wanted to wear for her big day.  If you’re of the same independent spirit, then Hollywood Dreams has the dress for you.  This dress is from the Caprice collection and has a lovely fitted corset style bodice adorned with beading which then falls out to a beautiful ball gown skirt that ruffles at the back to create a large natural train.  Go enjoy your fairytale wedding.

UPDATE:  This has been one of our most popular posts with many people wanting to know where to get a second hand one or wanting to sell one.  We have just launched a new wedding forum Talk Wedding and would encourage anyone wishing to buy, sell or contact anyone, to register on the forum so that you can talk directly to other brides.

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  1. roxann says:

    i think this dress is so nice. i love it. i want it for my wedding dress x x x

  2. vicki case says:

    I have this dress and it cost £3,000 I will be wearing it with pride in next saturday. I will then be selling it !! so if interested let me know.

  3. Brittany says:

    this dress is soo beautiful! i was wondering how much it weighed? it looks very heavy and im debating wether or not if i should consider getting it?

  4. Lisa says:

    Dear Brittany, I’m afraid we can’t give you that much detail on the dress as we don’t actually sell anything. My advice would be to see it and try it on, if you click on the Hollywood Dreams link in the article it will take you to their website where you can find a local stockist who holds that dress. Good luck.

  5. marie says:

    this dress is beautiful how much will u be selling it for vicki case if u dont mind me asking?

  6. Kelly says:

    Hi there vicki! I have tried this dress and i love it! My wedding is in july 2009. Would love to know what colur and size your caprice dress is and how much you would be selling it for? thankyou. kelly

  7. Vicki says:

    Hi Everyone ! The Dress is a size 10 however as it is tied at the back I assume it could accommodate up to a size 12. I am 5″7 and wore 2″ heals. The colour is a baby pink, which is really beautiful and everyone commented on not only the dress but the colour. I would be looking for around £1,000. I do have photo’s of my dress as it is slightly different to the one shown as they can be custom made. You can view all my wedding photo’s on Paul Roland Williams websit under the wedding of Vicki and Michael. You will then see the whole dress. I would love someone else to have the opportunity to wear this dress as it is so beautiful and it would be a shame to just put it in the attic.

  8. Patsy says:

    wow this weddin dress is gurgess

    its my dream dress

    4 eva and alwayz


  9. bernadia says:

    wow it the best dress ever i will love to wear that on
    my wedding

  10. emma lindsay says:

    pls tell me how much this dress is i would love this for my special day xx

  11. Lisa says:

    Dear Emma, if you are looking to buy it new, then click on the link within the article which will take you to the Hollywood Dreams website, there you will be able to find your local stockist. If you read the comments above you will see that Vicky bought the dress for £3000 and is selling it for about £1000 although she may have sold it already by now. Good luck.

  12. Vicki says:

    Hi Emma. I purchased this dress for £3,000 and have not got round to advertising it for sale yet. If you are interested please let me know? You are more than welcome to come and try the dress on to ensure it is the one for you? When are you getting married?

  13. martine says:

    where can i by this dream dress… i live in canada,montreal and getting married oct o9…please telle me xx tanks

  14. Kelly says:

    Hi, just wondering if you did sell you’r dress after, been looking for one myself. I love it, fell in love with it first time I saw it

  15. Lisa says:

    Hi Martine, if you click on the link within the article it will take you to the Hollywood Dreams website where they will have a list of stockist.
    Good luck.

  16. Rachel Beckett says:

    IS ANYONE SELLING THEIR DRESS???? This is my dream dress and I would love to wear it at my wedding in Aug 09…if anyone is selling one I would be very interested in it, i am a size 10/12 but am willing to get it altered if needs be. Would love to hear from anyone who can help, you can contact me on Red_hot or on here, many thanks!

  17. Jasmine says:

    I wanted to know if i could have an estimite on the Pink Princess Wedding Dress in white and a size 6 please.

    Thank You

  18. Lisa says:

    Please click on the link within the article to visit the suppliers website and see the comments above to get an idea of how much it costs.

  19. Kelly says:

    Hi Rachael, If you do get hold of the Caprice wedding dress let me know, i’d love to have one for my wedding, which isn’t until Sept 2010, don’t want to really spend £2,700, just for 1 day. I am also a size 10/12 so if you do get 1 and then want to sell it later, please let me know.

  20. Rachel Beckett says:

    I will let you know….i really want to get hold of one tho so please does anyone on here know of one for sale!?!?!?! xx

  21. Michelle says:

    Hi Vicki

    Have you sold your dress yet – if not please can you contact me on – im really interested in buying it.. thankyou x

  22. Lisa says:

    Go Bridal in Birmingham will be holding a Hollywood Dreams designer day on 22nd Nov.

  23. amy says:

    does this dress come in white or just pink?

  24. Lisa says:

    If you click on the link within the article to the Hollywood Dreams website you will be able to see all the designs available and ask them if it’s available in other colours.

  25. debbie says:

    hi kelly. i have emailed rachael re my gown (but as of yet dont know if she is still looking for one). which i will be selling after my wedding in march. if you are still looking for one please contact me.
    to anyone else also interested in a size 10 caprice – available after april 2009 contact me on .
    taa xx

  26. sandra says:

    I am selling my Elie Sabb AIDA dress with matching veil and bolero
    its the same dress Amanda Holden is wearing for her wedding as featured in this weeks OK Magazine
    pls email me if interested

  27. Lisa says:

    To see a picture of the Elie Saab Aida dress mentioned by Sandra, here is a link to view it on a model.

  28. melissa roberts says:

    i have a caprice dress for sale. i had it handmade for £800 it came with a hoop & netting, extra netting and a stunning veil…the dress is in a golden ivory…I bought the dress 2 months ago ready for my wedding in june 09 only to find out that im now pregnant and i cant wear that dress (first hand not second hand)therefore ill have to sell its a size 16. on the original dress it shows 2 waterfall cascades my dress has three still a beautiful dress, as i wanted a longer back the dress maker put in an extra cascade to make it look perfect im even sure u can let down the third cascade any offers welcome and any questions welcome .delivery £30.00 to anywhere in england/wales

  29. Kf. says:

    I Am About to get this dress to wear on my sweet 16th then For My Prom. So Excited !! xx

  30. rachel says:

    am a size 10 if any1 is selling 1 of these dresses please let me know me at

  31. vicki case says:

    Hi I have not sold my dress, which is an orgnial Hollywood Dreams size 10. If you are interested then please email at .

  32. leanne says:

    i have a stunning hollywood dreams dress like this but the GRACE dress it cost me £3000 and i customised it by adding crystals its a size 16 but fits 14/18 and is white….
    email me on

  33. amie says:

    i have fallin in love with this dress im only 19 and gettin married in july my little girl is in a white bridesmaid dress and i would to love walk down the church in this dress i have about 900 people coming if any1 selling this dress plz what size is it and how much xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  34. debbie says:

    hi amie. i still have my dress and its for sale. can you email me please on xx

  35. Jane Pat says:

    To everyone who is interested in a hollywood dreams dress, I suggest you go through all the stockists on the web site, call them up, and ask for their prices, my daughter has just saved over £900 by doing this, even though we had to travel some distance, it was well worth it.

  36. Charlene Malone says:

    Hi, i have a hollywood dream dress Jewel for sale, its white with extra diamontee on the skirt it cost me £3500.00

  37. marie stevens says:

    i want this dress so much!
    in a size 12 the wedding is not til 2011 so may even need size 10..please let me know if anyone is sellin one please thankyou! xx
    email me at

  38. vicki case says:

    Hi Maire I have this dress in a size 10 – however as it is a corset design it may fit a 12?? if you are interested please email me on . This dress is an orginial Hollywood Dreams and cost £3,000 new.

  39. liz says:

    hello..i looked on the website hollywood dreams and did not see the it discontinued?

  40. Lisa says:

    Hi Liz, I’ve updated the link, for some reason it had broken. It takes you to the Rochelle collection and the Caprice dress can be found in the top right hand corner where it shows the front view of the dress, if you click on that it will take you through to the Caprice dress where you can view the alternative image of the back of the dress.

  41. Randi says:

    Hello! I’ve been looking for a pink wedding dress and i came across the pink Caprice. It’s perfect!!! I am in love with it and it will go with my princess theme very well. I am willing to purchase it from anyone that has it around sizes 6 to 2.

  42. Donielle says:

    Does anyone have this dress for sale. If so, please email me at

  43. Donielle says:

    Vicki, is your hollywood dreams caprice dress still available for sale?

  44. Estelle says:

    Hi Ladies if anyone has a HD Dress for sale in White 10-12 please email me, getting married in Sept 2010.. m


  45. vicki case says:

    Hi Donielle

    yes my dress is still for sale. If you are intersted please let me know by emailing my work address

  46. Gaëlle says:

    I live in France and I totally fell in love with this dress. Unfortunately, there are no Hollywood Dreams retailers here.
    I guess that I will have to plan a trip to England to find this georgeous gown… But I am also ready to buy a pre-loved dress!
    Is your dress still for sale Vicki? I’ve checked your wedding pictures (which are great, by the way). The dress looks almost white/cream on some pictures. This baby pink color is so beautiful!

  47. Gaëlle says:

    OOps, I forgot to leave my email address:

  48. susan says:

    love this dress, but as i am getting married for the second time a but ott

  49. vicki case says:

    Hi – Yes my Dress is still available. Email my work address if you are interested.

  50. Grace says:

    Hey everyone, does anyone know where i can get a second hand Grace Dress or any hollywood dreams dress in a size 16. It’s my sisters wedding in 3 weeks time and we did find the perfect Hollywood Dreams Grace dream for her, the shop assistance said she would put it aside but she sold it the next day as you can guess my sister is a mess! Need to find a fab dress ASAP! If anyone can help would be brill.
    Thanks xx

  51. Kelly says:

    Theres a white grace dress on, telephone number is 07951 718025.
    Hope this helps

  52. claire says:

    hi vicky and debbie i am really interested in the caprice dress do either of u still have the dress? if so how much would you take for it? also what colour and height? thanx

  53. simona boswell says:

    Hi everyone just got married on 30th July.I wore an ivory hollywood dreams dress its called Tamara.My photos will be avaiable soon at julie lamont photogaphy.Dress is a size 16 had to be takin in at bust at last minute would fit a size12/14 as it has a cord back,would also fit size 16 as cords are very generous.Cost 2800 and 250 to dry clean.Would love to sell and make someone feel like a princess just like a did!

  54. daisy says:

    anyone got this dress to sell please can i have a number to contact you on thank you!!!

  55. nancy says:

    vicky did you sell that dress yet 2009?8184277781

  56. claire says:

    My sister is getting married in 6 wk and has 2 hollywood dreams dresses. She hasn’t decided which one she will be wearing but she has the caprice in gold and the leah in pink both dresses are a size 12. She will be selling one of these dresses in 2 week, so the dress will be brand new, if anyone is interested u can e mail me at , she will be advertising them somewhere else, if u r interested e mail me telling me which one u r interested in and al e mail u back within 2 week to let u know which one it is.thanx.

  57. vicki case says:

    dress is still for sale if anyone is interested.

  58. vicki case says:

    Daisy if you email direct at I will give you a number to call me on

  59. leanne says:

    i have a few hollywood dreams dresses for sale including the stunning NADINE a customised version in cream size 112, and its a bargain!!!!!!!!!!!!! email me on

  60. Kel says:

    Hi everyone im getting married 2011 and im after the Hollywood dreams Angel or nadine size 8 10 i can get my hands on Nadine but Angel was last years collection anyone got them for sale???

  61. amy says:

    hi im geting married in 2011 and would be interested in buying hollywood dreams caprice in pink size 12 if anyone is interested in selling me there dress i would be greatful also i can wait if you dont get married til next year.

  62. Mel Pugh says:

    Hi guys, has anybody got a size 10/12 pink Caprice Hollywood Dreams dress for sale?
    I adore this dress but as it is my second wedding I don’t want to pay up to £3k for it!

    Please email me with any information:


  63. josie says:

    where did ou get this dress from? and who is it made by?

  64. vicki case says:

    Hi All yes I still have my dress for sale. If you need any further information please email me on .

  65. sarah hunt says:

    does anyone know where i can get this dress in a size 8 pink?

  66. Denise says:

    Is anyone selling this dress used? I love it and it is perfect.

  67. Sarah says:

    Hi All,

    I currently have Caprice in pink hollywood dreams dress in a size 10 with hoop which i wore for myt december wedding, i am now looking to sell the dress, it hasn;t been altered in anyway and i have had the dress cleaned. I am looking for approx £1700 or near offer. its stunning and i loved every minute of wearing it x x

  68. Sarah says:

    if anyone is interested in buying my Caprice dress in pink dress please email or phone 07783107222.

  69. Kate says:

    Hi ladies, I was lucky enough to wear this dress for my wedding and I can tell you it was worth every penny! Now looking to sell it if anyone is interested, the only condition is that you send me a picture ;) . It’s a size 10 by the way. Let me know if you are interested. Kate

  70. louise says:

    hi this is my draeam dress, where can i get one or is anyone selling the caprice dress in pink. in the essex or london area. i get married in july 2010.if u have one please email me at

  71. Jess Horleston says:

    Hi, I am looking to buy the pink Caprice Wedding dress. Was just wondering if anyone had one for sale. If so please could you send me an email to Thanks Very Much xx

  72. Sarah says:


    I Coleen Rooneys wedding dress as absolutely beautiful and i would love to buy the Nicholas Millington petal dress for my wedding next April.I realize its an old collection now.CAN ANY ONE PLEASE HELP??

  73. nichola says:

    hi all im looking to buy the pink princess dress for my wedding on june 11 2010 im a size 8 but will take a 10 if available pls contact me on 07950904199 or e-mail me on

  74. Candymarie says:

    I have been receiving a lot of spam since I posted my email on this page, does anyone know how I can remove my post? Thanks!

  75. Lisa says:

    Hi Candymarie, I will remove your comment with your email address on it, unfortunately there are many programmes out there that just collect any email addresses posted on websites, blogs or comments.

  76. Jenny says:

    ‘Deep down in our inner child, we have all dreamed of being a princess on our wedding day’

    I love that! That is exactly what I thought when I found my dress:

    Its the Amelia dress!

    Granted its a prom dress but who cares! The quality is fantastic and now I am in love…..again!

  77. paris says:

    I have this exact dress for sale in the picture, worn once in a size8/10 if anyone is interested?

  78. Denise says:

    How much do you want for this dress? I am in love with it…Getting married in April

  79. claire says:

    Hi, i have a wedding dress that is the same style as katie price’s dress she wore when getting married to peter andre. It is baby pink with a lot of embroidered bead work,it is well made as it is quite weighty and only wore once. It cost me £650, so i would be looking £100 o.n.o,
    If any questions or are looking pictures email me on :

  80. helen says:

    i think the dress is wonderful i wore it for my wedding

  81. Stephanie says:

    Does anyone still have an Elie Saab Aida dress for sale? I’m size 8 and 5f 6inches. Help! I fell in love with it 3 years ago when helping my sister in law plan her wedding, but i can’t find one now

  82. marjan says:

    how can i buy it?

  83. Lisa says:

    Click on the link to the suppliers website where they can help you. Good luck.

  84. Diana Interlante says:

    Hello Vicki ,

    My dream dress it the pink Caprice wedding gown. Do you still have
    it for sale ? I am a size 10. What would the cost be?

    Please respond.

    Diana Tarpon Springs, Fl.

  85. Diana Interlante says:


    Kindly email me directly to my email address or call me
    @ 1-727-858-2226 about your pink caprice wedding dress.

    I am eager to hear from you.

    Kind regards, Diana

  86. Siobhan says:

    ilove this wedding dress want it for my wedding :D

  87. jeanette says:

    Hi there

    I am selling a brand new Nadine Hollywood Dreams dress in a size 8 , totally genuine HD dress, immaculate.
    Due to change in personal circumstances.
    Asking £1100 for it. Area is Doncaster , South Yorks, my number 07790 616856 if anyone is interested. Thanks Jeanette

  88. Jessica says:

    I am looking for the pink princess dress in a size 16-18 if anyone knows how to locate one or has one for sell, even willing to buy used. I am in Missoula MT and this dress is my dream dress. PLEASE HELP!!!!!! Email me at for any information! Thank you for all your help!!!


    • Christine says:

      Hey Jess, I don’t know where to buy the dress but if you find it I would be willing to buy it from you when you’re done with it. I am getting married in May 2011. Let me know what you think!

      Alternately, I wonder if we could buy a new one together and split the cost? I think Hollywood Dreams has it between $3200 and $5500, but I don’t know the exact price. Just a thought…


  89. chrissy says:

    Hi I was woundering if anyone knows where I could get the caprice dress I live in canada but i love this dress and just have to have it lol please if anyone knows how much it is and where i can get it please email me thank you


  90. jackie says:

    i am really intersted in the pink caprice wedding dress. would need a size 12, getting married in 2012 this dress would really make my day.

  91. Tiffany says:


    I have a pink caprice dress for sale. It has been upgraded with sworofski crystals, truly the most stunning thing ever!
    Please post if you are interested :)

    • Nadine says:

      I was wondering how much are youu selling it for?
      And what size is it?
      And is it and Official Hollywood Dreams Caprice Dress?
      And has it been worn?
      please Email me.
      Thank you Nadine.

    • kylie says:

      i really want the hollywood dreams caprice dress do u still have it?x

  92. erica slavin says:

    hiya just like 2 now if anyone has the caprice dress in newcastle area ,,, it is my dream dress have 2 have ittt lol xxxx

  93. kylie says:

    if anyone has the hollywood dreams caprice dress could you plz contact me on thanks x

  94. Jodie says:

    Hello,I am looking for the pink Caprice dress size 10/12! Anyone got oone for sale? Is yes,how much? X

  95. Caitlin says:

    I’m looking for the Hollywood Dreams Caprice wedding dress for my wedding June 14, 2012. Let me know if you have one you are willing to sell. I would be so grateful. I’m a size 6/8. Please e-mail me if you can help:

  96. Brittany says:

    Hi I am looking for the hollywood dreams dress for sale. I am size 12 and live in north carolina. If anyone has one please let me know!!!

  97. Toni Whipps says:

    Hi looking for this dress size 10-12! Kent area Please get in touch Love it!!

  98. Deborei Motto says:

    How can I try on this dress ? I am in Atlanta, Georgia I love it. and do you know how much it is ?

    Thank you,


  99. debore motto says:

    katie price wore this dress pink princess wedding dress march 15 2008 were can i get one ?


  100. wedding invitiaton…

    [...]Pink Princess Wedding Dress : Weddingo[...]…

  101. Candy says:

    Selling a size 8 Pink Caprice for $300.00 Including the extra crinoline.
    Please email me for photos and more info

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