Planning Your Wedding & Setting A Budget

Congratulations you’re engaged, but what happens next?  Of course your head is probably full of wedding dresses and wonderful reception venues and ideas, but first things first.  Sit down together and decide exactly what your budget is, there’s no point planning a Wayne & Coleen style wedding if you just don’t have the funds.  Decide what is important to you both, is it a wonderful big family & friends wedding and a stunning reception venue, or a small intimate ceremony with just your nearest and dearest.  Do you want something very formal with all the usual traditions, or do you want something relaxed and laid back with a fun element.  You may think that you both know what the other wants for the wedding, but then you find out that you were both trying to please one another because you thought the other wanted a big wedding when in fact you both want to jet off abroad for a small wedding then celebrate with a party at home later.  So talk it through, and if you don’t agree on what you want then be prepared to compromise with each other.

Wedding Venues & Services

Wedding Venues & Services

Wedding Venues & Services have a very handy budget planner on their website which will help you set your budget for individual items within your planning.  It has an estimate, actual and a difference field that allows you to see where you have gone over your budget and where you have saved making it easy to keep track of your budget.

If either sets of parents are helping with the cost of the wedding, keeping a budget planner makes it easier to show them where the money is being spent and will help them see that you are taking the budget seriously rather than just spending it all! 

Don’t think that you can’t have a big wedding with all your family and friends without spending a fortune, if you don’t have a big budget but do want all your friends and family there, then planning ahead is essential to give yourself time to find all the elements you want at the best price.  You can have a stunning reception venue at a low cost, church halls and other public venues can be transformed with a little creative flair, or choose to have your wedding on a week day which will bring down the costs substantially.  You can have that designer dress that you always wanted by waiting for special events or the end of season sale where the discounts can be amazing.  Friends and family will be more than happy to offer you their time and talents, most families will have someone who can make cakes or at least decorate shop bought ones, or someone who has a creative streak and can make invitations or decorate the reception venue.  Cheap Wedding Success is a wonderful resource for how to plan your wedding without putting yourself into major debt at the beginning of your married life.

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  1. Jeremy says:

    I couldn’t agree more, with a little thought anything is possible. One way of saving on the venue and honeymoon is to combine them. Get married abroad and bring your closest friends and family. If you’re careful you should be able to do it for less than the cost of the wedding at home and the honeymoon. Check out for more ideas on how to save money on your perfect wedding.

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