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Confetti have been teasing us with banners promoting a revamp of their leading wedding website for several weeks now.  Slogans on their homepage have been promising a new Confetti that has “just got more gorgeous” and it even allows you try out the new Beta website (beta is just the techy term for a website that is still being tested).  Visitors to the new Beta website will soon find out that core elements of the Confetti site switch back to the old site thus breaking the continuity.  The beta site really just allows users to get a feel of how the new site will look.

The new site was due to go live last thursday but technical issues resulted in a delay and the latest published date for the switch over is today (later this evening to be precise). So what is the new site like ?  Well, my first impressions are not great.  The site certainly has a fresh new look but I did not find it very inspiring.  The home page of the old site may have looked a little cluttered but every main feature can be navigated to with a single click.  On top if this I am fed with different content every day such as new promotions, latest forum posts, latest wedding news, best selling products.   The new site all appears to be a little static and frankly non inspiring, and if there is anything that an excited new bride to be craves it is inspiration.

I have been proved wrong before and I am sure the marketing bods at Confetti have done their research but I will be interested to see how the new site evolves over the coming weeks.  I expect that the new Confetti will change again quite quickly after launch.  Functionality and useability is more important on how “gorgeous” a site looks and if the Confetti hits the company turnover then the web developers will be working overtime.

Let us know what you think of the new Confetti site ?

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  1. Bob says:

    Got to say I’m with you on this one. The new site just ain’t doing it for me. Maybe looked good in a marketing meeting but frankly looks a bit old style. Wonder how the traffic stats are holding up?


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