Couple list their Valentine’s wedding on ebay after split

Ebay Wedding Auctioned

Ebay Wedding Auctioned

What do you do if you split from your partner just a few weeks before your wedding?  List the whole thing on Ebay of course !  This is exactly what a couple of Brighton have done when they split up over Christmas.  The Ebay listing ends this Wednesday (28th Jan) and currently stands at £2200 with one bid.  You dont get a choice of Venue (its the Best Western Brighton Hotel) or the date of Valentines Day (very romantic) and the package covers up to 50 guests with a 3 course meal and champagne reception.  I am not sure I would feel comfortable stepping into the shoes of somebody elses wedding day however however much of a bargain it falls for when the ebay hammer drops.  I have never thought of myself as superstitious but in this instance I feel it would cast a bit of cloud over the preceedings and possibly the years to come.  I dont think my wife would have forgiven me either if I had bidded for our wedding on Ebay and would have likened it to picking up a reduced bunch of flowers from the petrol station on the way home from work. 

The story ran on the BBC news website yesterday where they quoted the wedding coordinator as saying :-

“We had a cancellation from a couple just weeks before their wedding, which was unfortunate, but we thought why not put the day up on eBay?

It makes it sound like the most obvious thing in the world to do when faced with such a scenario but perhaps not such a strange one as they will probably find it hard to fill their calendar with another function at such notice.  The publicity the story is receiving must be helping the Brighton Hotel in other ways too.

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