Couple get a 1st Class honeymoon after becoming litter pickers!

What a great story, a couple payed for their business class flights back from their honeymoon in the US by picking up litter on the streets of Petersfield in Hampshire.  They spent three months collecting rubbish from the streets and in undergrowth and then feeding it through their local Tesco automated recycling machine.  For every four items they put in the machine they got a Tesco clubcard point, and once they got 250 points they got 600 British Airways miles, since they managed to accumulate 36,000 miles, that is a lot of litterpicking they did!  What I love most about this story is not the fact that they did a good deed and recycled loads whilst cleaning up (which is great), but the fact that those lazy and quite frankly disgusting people who just dropped stuff on the streets with blatant disregard for their community probably thought they were being quite tough and unhelpful people when they did it, when in fact they unwittingly helped a couple fly in luxury.  Fantastic!

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