Green petals for a fresh look table setting

If you are looking for a summer fresh look to your reception then the bet is to add plenty of touches of green to the decor.  A popular choice is to sprinkle freeze dried petals over the table settings but not many people choose green as the colour.  In my opinion there is no fresher colour than green.

Green Rose Petals from the Emerald Isle.
I have never seen a green rose before so was surprised to see these shamrock green rose petals from Floral Keepsakes of Ireland.  The petals are freeze dried and are actually dyed green using a water based solution which got me a little worried at first.  The company do state their are non-staining though so fears of the brides pristine white bridal dress looking like an overly ripened piece of stilton by the end of the evening are banished.  The other great thing about freeze dried real petals of course is that they are 100% biodegradable. The best thing about this company is that you can try before you buy so you can ask for some samples of the petals to be posted and pay just £2.00 postage. When you are ready to buy you can buy a 2 litle tub of petals (enough for 4 to 5 tables of 8 -10 people) for £22.99. If that is too much, or you are just looking to cover perhaps the main table, then you get a pint of petals for just £6.99. It sounds like buying ice cream and just as scrummy.

Green Hydrangea Petals from Confetti
I was a bit dissapointed to learn that these freeze dried green hydrangea petals from Confetti had also been dyed green. I thought they might have been naturally green because I know my nan had many green hydrangeas in her garden when I was a kid. The individual hydrangea petal is a much smaller than the rose so you will tend to find most of these petals are clumped in clusters of 3 or 4 petals as you would find them on the shrub. When picked they resembled the little clovers that you find in the grass. Confetti sell these in tubs of 150g and I am afraid they did not give any indication of any tables this might cover. I am afraid my maths is not to up to converting weight measurements to volume so I cannot offer a comparison with the Rose petals above.  Too many petals will never go to waste because if you buy too much then they can be used to make the perfect biogredable throwing confetti.  Simply fill the petals into paper cones and have them ready to hand to your guests.



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