Green and White Wedding Cakes

Green and white is becoming an ever more popular choice of colour scheme for couples looking for a more natural choice for a fresh and airy wedding.  Using nature’s colours helps creates a sense of calm and peace which is of course how every bride would like their wedding day be like even if the behind the scenes chaos and build up are anything but.

Green and white wedding cakes are the focus in this article and we have complied a gallery of our favourite designs from bold deep green emerald creations to more subtle cakes with pictachio detailing.  If you are not a fan of heavy green food dye in the icing then why not go for a plain white cake and grace it with real green foliage with some delicate white buds drawing from elements of the bridal bouquet.  Delicate flowers such as freesias, stephanotis or lily of the valley work beautifully.  Green flower petals can also enhance the cake stand table beautifully but be careful not to go over the top.

 Yummy Cake Company

Emerald Green piped icing and ribbon feature on this cake from the Yummy Cake Company.  I must admit Emerald green is probably my least favourite green but I do like the fresh flower bouquet that graces the top.

Rosebud from Nicky Grant

This cake is absolutely goregous.  A very pale green has been used in some of the 200+ delicate rosebuds that adorn this cake.  The green is so subtle that you would be forgiven in not noticing it in this photo.  The pale baseboard of the cake helps bring out the green in the Rose Buds.  This cake is one of many beautiful creations from Nicky Grant.

Really Nice Cakes

This barqoue style cake from Really Nice Cakes is a little too brash and uniform for my liking but I am fascinated by the decreasing shades of green as the tiers get smaller.  I think this effect is very striking and I would love see it on a more delicate traditional cake.

Greek Fern Wedding Cake

Maisie Fantaisie designed this Green Fern and Hydrangea cake for Brides magazine.  It is strikingly simple and the more cynical among you might consider that the fern design pipework would be in the first weeks lesson at the local sugarcraft classes.  The hyrdrangeas are of course real.  Simplicity can be deceptive however and I am sure that this 3 tier cake justifies its £795 price tag.

Birdcage Wedding Cake

Another offering from Maisie Fantaisie which is a perfect choice for a summer garden wedding.  This cake would make a wonderful marquee centrepiece and would coordinate beautifully with the Birdcage candleholders from Laura Ashley.

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