No children at the Wedding – Is it right ?

No Children at the Wedding

BBC News are running an interesting storyline today which is causing quite a stir.  Should children be banned from weddings?  It sounds quite a harsh question but it is a decision taken very seriously by many couples when planning their wedding.

The story arose because an Anglican vicar recently ordered a toddler to be removed from the church.  The story doesn’t say what the toddler was doing wrong.  I assume he was causing a lot of noise during the service and was not conducting a satanic worship in the pulpit.  This may have been brushed aside by most couples but this particular child happened to be the son of the bride and groom.  The couple in question are now complaining to the Church of England.  Good on them I say.  A few noisy children add to the happiness of the occasion and my son and daughter played a big part of my wedding.  If somebody had told my child to leave the church and miss the wedding of mum and dad then I would have stopped the service there and then.

I have been involved in the wedding stationery business for nearly 10 years and I see more and more orders from customers who word their invitations with the words ‘Sorry, No Children’ above the RSVP.  Maybe I see things differently because I had two children before marriage.  I would love to hear the views of anyone reading.

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