The Apprentice and The National Wedding Show

The Apprentice at The National Wedding Show 

Would you want to be sold something for the biggest day of your life by a bunch of arrogant, self-adoring apprentices of Sir Alan Sugar?  I certainly wouldn’t.  Imagine getting yourself stuck with Sara or Michael because you happened to take a glance at one of the wedding cakes they were selling.  Apart from the fact that they were harder to get rid of than a double glazing salesman, they had very little knowledge of the products they were trying to sell.  Some of us have spent thousands (yes thousands) to exhibit at the National Wedding Show, the reason is to speak to our customers face to face, to build up a relationship and to give them all the information they need from us. Quite frankly I’m amazed at the suppliers who gave their products to these people to sell for them.  If I was going to spend upto £2500 on an Ian Stuart wedding dress I’d want to know that I was getting the most precise information and care from the sales team.

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