Honeymoon Gift List – A flexible approach.

Buy our HoneymoonMore and more couples these days are choosing to set up home before they marry which has served to outdate the traditional gift list.  People joke these days about the useless items that end up on a wedding gift list but in the days when it was improper to live together before marriage then a toaster, knife block, and set of towels were essential first items for a newlywed couple.  Nowadays,  whilst a new dinner set might come in handy it is not always the most practical option for the bride and groom still scratching their head to find things to add to their list.  Help is now at hand.  Buy our Honeymoon, as the name suggests enables your guests to purchase a slice of the wedding honeymoon.   I have come across this kind of “self serve” wedding gift list site before but the thing that struck me about Buy our Honeymoon was its simplicity and value for money.  To find out more about the site I was fortunate enough to have a chat with of the owners behind the site, Shelley Green.  Here is the transcript.

How does Buy Our Honeymoon differ from other wedding gift list sites ?
    Buy Our Honeymoon allows a couple to create a wishlist of anything they want.  All the activities, meals, treats for the honeymoon – even insect repellent and a snowboard if they want it.  What makes Buy Our Honeymoon different is we allow the couple to manage their financial side themselves.  They are in complete control.  We have integrated Paypal into the site which allows guests to pay for their gift directly into the couples account.  Some couples choose to accept cash/ cheques, some arrange bank transfers, some have asked their guests to pay their travel agent – it’s up to them.
    Because our background is in web development, we also have a range of design themes to choose from.  You can customise almost anything on the site: change the title, categories, add pictures from anywhere.  We even allow you to write your own message on the notification cards.  We are really into making each list unique.

So I guess the bridal couple needs to break their honeymoon experience down into bite size chunks for guests to contribute. So if the bridal couple were looking for champagne on ice in their reception room on arrival then somebody could buy it…. and Buy my Honeymoon does not take a commission?
    Exactly.  We charge a set up fee but don’t take commission. Paypal will charge for credit card processing but everything else is free.  We are A LOT cheaper for most people than all the others services out there.

Can guests purchase part of the honeymoon experience without using Paypal ?
    Definitely.  Some couples choose not to activate Paypal at all.  They ask for cash/ cheques (or arrange bank transfers).

How does a guest know if something is still available?
    We are mainly a reservations site.  You can request a gift a specific number of times.  This number reduces once the item has reserved (depending on how many units a guest has bought).  Once all of the units have been bought it greys out.

I think its a fabulous idea. It is a fun way for guests to contribute and a practical and very flexible way for the couple to collect a financial contribution for what is one of the most expensive parts of a wedding. I notice on your site blog that the site has recently celebrated its first birthday. How have you found the reaction to the site in the first year ?
    FANTASTIC   I don’t know if you have seen the testimonials page but people are really happy.  I think our way of handling the finances sits better with most people.  There just feels something a bit wrong about getting your profit from aunty Mable’s gift!

   I agree totally. And lets face it if you left Aunty Mabel loose on a traditional gift list it would go straight out the window and you would end up with a knitted tea cosy to go with the 3 fondue sets and half a dozen toasters that the remaining guests have purchased. I have just one final question and that is to see if you have any further plans on the horizon with regards the site ?
    As you can probably see from the blog we make LOADS of additions. all the time  We want to add more theme options, an in depth guide to Paypal and a database of gift ideas!   And that’s just off the top of my head.

   I guess there is a danger of over complicating what is essentially a very simple yet extremely clever idea. I wish you every success with the site. Since my wife and I could’nt afford a honeymoon when we married 3 years ago I am thinking of signing up myself. Perhaps if I tell our guests we are having a wedding blessing I will get a way with it !
I’d say GO FOR IT! I have a toddler myself; you deserve a break. (I mentioned to Shellely that I was in the middle of playing Snakes and Ladders with my 3 year old before the interview started).

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