29th February – Now is your chance ladies

Leap Year Proposal

A tradition stretching back over 1500 years makes a recurrence today.  Every leap year the traditional gender roles swap and women ask men for their hand in marriage.   Tradition says that this began in the 5th century when St Bridget of Kildare told St Patrick that it was unfair that women had to wait for a proposal.  As a compromise women were allowed to ask men to marry them on the 29th February.  That was all very well but what if you meet the man of your dreams on the 1st March.  You may have to wait a whole 4 years before you can pop the question.

This custom was actually made tongue in cheek law in 1288 when Queen Margaret of law declared that any man who refused a woman’s proposal of marriage may be fined a kiss.  It became even more customary in the Victorian era when rigid social rules and acceptable behaviour meant it was improper for a woman to propose on any other day.

So ladies…. what are you waiting for you only have until midnight tonight.  You’ve nothing to loose really so even if the man of your dreams doesn’t know it yet you might get a snog out of it when he says no.  Just quote Queen Margaret’s leap year law of 1288 when you pucker up.

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