Sweet Shop Favourite Favours – Flying Saucers

Flying Saucers 

There is a small shop near to wear I live that opened about a year ago and sells nothing but old fashioned sweets.  You know the sort, the ones that come in a jar not a wrapper and are weighed by the quarter not grams.  It never looks very busy but I am sure that is only because nobody exists.  In our fast paced world of one click shopping and barcodes it is great to see good old fashion face to face customer service.

Flying Saucer Wedding Favours

After a bit of digging we have unearthed some wedding companies who sell some of these sweet shop favourites wrapped us as retro wedding favours.  I think these are a great idea and are bound to be a great talking point between the big kids at the wedding reception.

Flying saucers were my favourite sweets as a kid – simply delicious.  Coloured discs of rice paper filled with sherbert.   Treasured Favours have these for sale in a see through box tied with a ribbon colour of your choosing.  Or you could buy the flying saucers from Chocolate Buttons and make your own flying saucer wedding favours.

I’ll be bringing you some more of these sweet shop favourites over the coming weeks when my mouth stops watering.  I’ll be stopping by that sweet shop on the way home for some inspiration.  So watch out for Cherry Lips, Shrimps, Black Jacks, Fruit Salads, White Mice, and of course the ever popular Love Hearts

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