Cruelty free Dove release balloons for your Wedding Day

Wedding Dove Balloons

Wedding Dove Balloons

A release of white doves on your wedding day is certainly a dramatic finale to your wedding day celebrations. Many say it makes a symbolic symbol representing Love, Peace, Purity, Faithfulness and Prosperity and there are several companies charging a small fortune for their services on your big day. If you are caught up by the romance and meaning of it all it might be worth pointing out at this stage of the article that it is usually white homing pigeons that are used and not doves. Pigeons do not have such a romantic attachment in my view but they are well trained in the returning to their owner routine.

Now, I would much sooner have a release of birds that safely return rather than domestic bred doves that are released to the wild and, by all accounts,  their impending doom. That said, I am not a believer in any birds being caged and having exhibiting at a number of wedding shows where a dove (or more likely a pigeon) has been on display in the tiniest of cages for ‘brides to be’ to coo over (excuse the pun) I can’t see where the entertainment in that is.

Bio Dove Helium Balloon

Bio Dove Helium Balloon

So, what is the alternative.  Well, I came across these rather impressive dove shaped balloons from the Night Sky Lantern company, who are more popularly known for their impressive range of Sky Lanterns.  Apparently, these helium filled balloons have been designs to even mimic a flapping dove in flight which sounds rather impressive.  They are of course cruelty free and better still they are 100% bidegradable when exposed to water and take only 10 days to 3 months to decompose (along with the biodegradable string used to release them).   These Bio Doves are less than £40 for 10 or even cheaper if there is a valid Sky Lanterns Promotional code available over at Wedding Voucher Codes.

Dove Balloon release at a wedding

Dove Balloon release at a wedding

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  1. jewel says:

    yea….cruelty free AND LIFELESS

  2. Lisa says:

    Lifeless – meaning having no life, pretty much the same as the doves or pigeons then!

  3. Lynne says:

    A couple of points here;
    1) you say these baloons a cruelty free – what about the poor birds flying around that get caught up in the string used to release the baloons? What about the fish that get suffocated when they land in the sea or rivers? Indeed lifeless in more ways than 1!
    2) The romantic notion not the same for pigeons as Doves? Do you not know that they are one and the same? The only physical difference is the tail, and on some breeds a smaller head. Their traits however which is the main reason people are fascinated by these birds and therefore the symbolic meaning behind the romance – is one and the same! They mate for life and are very family oriented. The plus side is pigeons or Rock Doves want to get home and fly off immediately where their cousins will simplay fly to the nearest thing it can perch on and probably starve to death. This is why its important to find a reputable, professional company.
    3) Reputable companies do not lock their birds up! These birds need to be in tip top condition for any event.(you will see quite clearly if the birds are not in good condition, and you dont have to be an expert to notice) You are not going to achive that by keeping birds locked in. They need to be free to exercise daily and for their own contentment, come and go as they please…..lofts are kept open during daylight and provide shelter from prey at night. If you find a company that cares about their birds, the birds will be happy and content. Most companies will only display their birds in an airy cage for a maximum of 1 and half hours, and as they are always in attendance to look after the bird, the birds will not get distressed. If they objected to it why would they return home after each event? The same birds are not used week in week out, a professional set up will have many birds to be able to avoid this.
    4) It does not cost a small fortune! Taking into consideration the time spent to look after the birds and preparing the baskets/cages for the day, and the wonderful memories it leaves behind the cost in most cases would be reasonable, as most people do this for the love of it and not to make a shed load of money! (There may be a couple of raised eyebrows at that, but trust me, if you did this for the money only the service would not be available as it would cost a fortune to reflect the work that goes into caring for these wonderful birds.

  4. Sheena says:

    Well said Lynne. My birds fly circles around my house for the sheer joy of it, always returning to their loft at night. I hate to think of my white rock doves, – pigeons – tangled up in the strings of these balloons or of the sea life on my doorstep dealing with litter they cause.

  5. Dawn says:

    Yes well said Lynne,
    My birds are like my babies they fly freely on a daily basis and return to their lofts for the evening.
    Adding balloons into the sky is an added worry, the preditors out there are bad enough let alone balloons and our birds getting caught up in them.
    The cost of keeping my white rock doves (pigeons)is very high. I cant imagine why people make comments they cant have a clue about the upkeep of our birds.
    And if they checked like i have the birds used for Wedding days etc are in the cages/baskets for a short period before flying home to the lofts.

  6. Lynne says:

    Hi, people like this who have no clue what a professional caring dove release company can do for a wedding day – or any event should not make judgements. They also dont understand that for the majority of people who supply doves for events that it is indeed a labour of love, and despite perceptions (because the birds always come back its money for old rope) we do not make a lot of money at all due to the cost of keeping the birds well and in athletic condition. They are obviously threatened by the dove release industry otherwise they would stick to just promoting their products and not try show themselves in a better light by putting us down. But it is a country of free speech I suppose, I just take faith in the fact that my customers trust me, and my doves love me! (or they wouldnt keep coming back!…either of them.)

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