A Wedding Cake made from Cheese

Image Copyright - Wedding Cheese Cake Company

Image Copyright - Wedding Cheese Cake Company

It sounds a little bizarre, but the idea of having your wedding cake made from tiers of different cheeses has been growing in popularity in recent years.  Putting traditional aside the idea actualy makes sound economic sense during these difficult times which I am sure will feed the trend further.  After all, if the cutting of the cake / cheese is done straight after the wedding breakfast then it can be served up for the cheese and biscuits course.  Thats two ticks on your wedding planner ticked off (for the price of one).  Of course, if money is not an issue then why not have a wedding cheese cake alongside your traditional cake.  Your guests who do not have a sweet tooth will have themselves a savoury alternative

 The welcoming page from the The Wedding Cheese Cake Company make their products sound like the most natural thing in the world and they certainly do not sell the idea as a quirky or novelty alternative to the traditional iced fruit cake tradition.  Appearance is usually as important as taste with a traditional wedding cake and if you are worried that the aged mould ripened crusts of a ripe Stilton or crumbly Cheddar will be a little unsightly then you will be surprised at how pretty a cheese cake can be.  Just the different colour of cheeses and the sizes and positioning of the tiers can make an attractive sculpture.  Many of the suppliers we have found online adorn their cheeses with feathers and ribbons (however without the  flexibility of sugarpaste I guess there is not really much alternative)

Vintage Wedding Cheese Cake

Vintage Wedding Cheese Cake

Because the cheese rinds look (and generally are) very aged then the overall look of these cakes often take on a vintage appearance which make them a perfect choice for a vintage themed wedding especially when coupled with feathers as so many of the designs are.   I love the look of the  cake on the left  (again courtesy of the Wedding Cheese Cake Co) finished with dusky pink ribbon and english country garden large bloom roses.  This is a gorgeous creation that looks every bit as pretty and delicate as your traditional sugarcraft cake and I am sure tastes every bit as delicious.

The problem with looking for images of cheese cakes online is that Google cannot tell the diference between somebody looking for a dessert style ‘cheesecake’ with a biscuit base.  Perserverance will pay off and to get you started take a look at the Wedding Cheese Cake Company (link above), House of Cheese, the Cheese Works, and the The Fine Cheese Company

I guess, my only reservation with a wedding cake made of a cheese would be the smell.  I have just come back from a holiday in Somerset where I was subject to the aging process of some whiffy vintage cheddar that was being matured deep beneath the ground in Wookey Hole caves.  OK, so there were a few hundred casks of cheddar in a confined space but it may be worth checking your venue if sufficiently air conditioned.

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