Black Wedding Dress?

Black Ball Gown

Black Ball Gown

Try finding a black wedding dress that isn’t a ‘Gothic’ wedding dress.  The wedding fashion industry just does not seem to think this is a trend worth designing for, yet as we know fashion and trends always return, and wedding dresses used to be black and were a sign of a couples good social standing.  There are a few black wedding dresses out there and we have featured one before on this site, but all too often they look too much like your average evening gown.  This black Holly’s Ball Gown is from Be Flirty Dresses for £160, and although it’s not a wedding dress as such, it has a full skirt and boned bodice with beading for a wedding inspired dress.  With an unusual crown style tiara and a bouquet this would be a stunning and unusual wedding gown at a great price.

Of course if you have the budget for it, copy Coleen’s style and go for a Marchesa gown for full on glamour.


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  1. Jennifer S says:

    I want a black wedding dress!

    I love this one:

  2. I agree, black wedding dresses seem to be taboo in the wedding industry but they can look so good and are practical, cost effective, suit larger or pregnant ladies and allow a bride to show off her own unique style. I especially like black dresses with hints of white or lace.

  3. Janine says:

    I love this one:

    So gorgeous.

  4. Styles White says:

    In the past, white wedding dresses came to be the top choice. Now black can also be as nice as white one.

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