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Football Wedding Cakes

The popularity of themed wedding cakes has grown in recent years and the creativity of the wedding cake suppliers has been quick to keep up with the demand.  For the woman who loses her bloke to the telly every saturday afternoon and midweek match day could these cakes be the ultimate sign of her affection…. her true love.  I know wife would’nt have wanted a football wedding cake at our wedding…  then again nor would I …..  you can add as many stadium tiers as you like but it will still look more like a a birthday cake in my opinion.

I prefer the more traditional wedding cake, dainty sugar crafted flowers and all that.  But if you are a footy fanatic yourself or are thinking of  making the ultimate sacrifice  for hubby to be then here are some in form cakes for the coming season.  One word of warning; if you do choose a football cake for your partner then make sure you choose the right colours, you may initate the quickest divorce in history if you choose a blue and white football cake for a Liverpool supporter.

Fun Cakes

Fun Cakes

The above cake from Fun Cakes is great for a wedding between partners from different nationalities since the country flag is sugarcrafted beneath the ball.  I am not sure how this would work for different clubs, most team emblems would be a little difficult to replicate in sugar icing but I am sure Fun Cakes would be open to replacing the flags with football shirts in the appropriate team colours.
Football Crazy from Suzelle Cakes

Football Crazy from Suzelle Cakes

Thiscake from Suzelle Cakes has a very simple three tier design but it is the topper that really makes this design stand out.  Again, this designer is open to suggestions to make the cake more original so I am sure that the shirts could replicate team colours if required.
Match of the Day from Imaginative Icing

Match of the Day from Imaginative Icing

This is an interesting design from Imaginative Icing it takes the football shape and tiered approach of the previous two designs and combines them in one.

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  1. stuart says:

    been looking at the football crazy cake, would like to know how many people this serves, size and cost of the cake.
    regards stuart

    • Lisa says:

      Hi, you will need to click on the link to the suppliers website to ask them any questions regarding their products or services. Good luck.


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