His and Hers Door Mat. Perfect for the Honeymoon return

His and Hers Doormat

I love this funky red his and hers door mat from Purves and Purves.  Your husband can carry you over the threshold in style on the return from your Honeymoon.  My only concern is that this male / female design (as classic as it may be) is more familiar screwed to a lavatory door.  This of course where the offbeat appeal lies and is sure to raise a smile for any visitor but I have more practical concerns.  The man and woman symbol serves as a beacon for any drunken fool (myself included) desperate for a wee.  So unless your doorway is out of sight of passing party-goers who are staggering home after a night out then it might be an idea to steer clear of this product for fear of your porch becoming a local urinal.

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