Make your own cupcake wedding cake to save money

If you’re looking to save some money on your wedding reception, the cake can be one of the most expensive items with many cakes costing between £500 and £1000.  You may think that your cake has to be made by a proffessional, but with the trend for cupcakes being so big, you could very easily get away with making a cupcake tower yourself.  Even if you’re not the best cook, cupcakes are very easy to make, and if you are a truly awful baker, there’s bound to be a family member or friend who would be able to help.  My fail safe recipe comes from Delia and as someone who couldn’t make a victoria sandwhich to save my life, I can now make lovely cakes, and I don’t mind saying so myself!  This gorgeous creation above is a recipe from the BBC Good Food website which has reviews by people who have tried the recipes which is a great way of knowing how difficult a recipe is.  As for decorating them, a generous splodge of butter icing to cover the cakes like these and then either buy the decorations ready made from somewhere like The Craft Sugar Company or you could always try and make them too using icing cutters.  All you need then is a cake stand and you’re done.


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