Choose to give your wedding gifts rather than receive them

Last night I read ‘Random Acts Of Kindness’ by Danny Wallace and his Karma Army, which was very funny and I’m quite proud to say I had already done many of the acts of kindness suggested in the book before having read it.  One of the suggestions (on page 95) is to buy someone in India a cow, which will provide a family with milk for themselves as well as to sell, and the cow dung will provide fertilizer for the fields.  So, I logged on to to have a look at what I could buy, and what a choice there is, from buying a maternity kit for use in countries where doctors are scarce for £35, to saving the tiger for £50, or buying a Christmas hamper for the elderly for £25.  Having had frequent stays in hospital with my young son, one of my favourite gifts is the Distraction Box which is used to keep children occupied during a visit and to make it less daunting, and as I said, from personal experience I know it works.  The box costs £100 and is filled with games and toys to keep them amused, and the refills cost £25.  Since so many couples live together before getting married, the traditional wedding list is needed less and less, so with gifts from £5 to £250 and so many to choose from it’s easy to set up a wedding list which will be of far more use than sandwich makers, juicers or towels, and it will make you feel good too!


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  1. Coralie says:

    Love this idea and I will be adding it to my site as a recommendation for my visitors!

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