Would you buy your Wedding Ring from Diamond Geezer ?

After watching Dragon’s Den this week I was intrigued to take a look at the website behind Diamond Geezer. The owner behind the family firm, Clive Billing, walked away from the investment deal offered by Peter, Theo and James because it meant him giving away too much equity in his firm. I would have probably done the same because I would have been uncomfortable in giving up 40% of my business. Anyway, I remembered Clive being particularly proud of his position in Google for search keywords “Diamond Engagement Ring” which he said was listing as 9th in the Google rankings. Now, I am not sure when the Dragons Den episode was filmed but I have just trawled through 13 pages on Google and cannot find Diamond Geezer anywhere for this search term. But then who needs Google when you have prime BBC airtime and I see a note on the home page of Diamond Geezer today apologises for the sites slowness in light of its recent television fame.

The choice of Wedding and Engagement rings on the site is huge and I was impressed with the amount of information on the site. Whilst browsing however I keep reminding myself of something that Peter Jones said on the BBC2 show on Monday and that was the problem he had with the company name ‘Diamond Geezer’. I have to agree …. It just does not sound like the type of place I would want to buy an expensive engagement or wedding ring from. If it were my site I would also redesign the logo and do away with the tacky VAT free sale banner on the wedding ring pages – (mind you my voice is not that of a successful multi millionaire businessman). I know this is all very superficial and does not reflect on the quality of the product or service but in this day and age appearances are everything. To me the name diamondgeezer.com sounds like the kind of website name Dellboy would have put together subsidiary for Trotters Independent Trading Company.

Would you buy your wedding ring from Diamond Geezer ?

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  1. It’s amazing what Clive’s appearance did for web traffic for diamonds and rings, he claimed to have the top Google listing for “diamond engagement ring” when in fact that position belongs to an SEO client of ours ZS Diamonds they saw an enormous spike in traffic as a result.

  2. Alan McLoughlin says:

    We bought both our engagement ring and now our wedding rings through this firm, and I’m more than utterly satisfied.
    I was initially scptical, but the name does the job and sticks in your mind.

    The main factor was the conflict-free diamonds at the time as well as a good price.

    Since then we’ve experienced excellent customer service, ad now have a pair of the most beautiful custom designed wedding rings, thanks to their own workshop.

    If the name makes you think twice, then good, it’s a big investment, but let me reassure you, it’s not a decision you’ll regret. I’d recommend them to anyone.

  3. Lisa says:

    Good for Clive for doing so well without the Dragons and holding his own both in the Den on the follow up show. I’ve just watched the catch up of Dragons Den and I love seeing James wishing he had just moved a little bit in order to make the deal.

  4. Paul&Llinos says:

    My engagement ring was purchased from diamond geezers and everybody thinks its beautifull the service was excellent kept us informed throughout the order.was a very expensive ring we were worried at first but after the service we are going to buy our wedding rings from them too.

  5. I bought a diamond engagement ring from Tian at Diamondgeezer.com, I like a number of others was a little concerned by the name, but let me assure you, Tian is a true gent which put us at ease. the ring is beautiful (beyond what we imagined)
    we are now in the process of having two bespoke wedding rings designed
    dave + maz

  6. gemmykins says:

    My now husband bought my engagement ring from Diamond Geezer in September 2007. I absolutely love it. It’s beautiful and I love that it was made especially for me. It gives me great delight to be able to tell people that my husband ‘designed’ it himself, choosing the band, the setting, the size, the colour, clarity and cut.

    I must admit, however, I HATE the name of the company. I am hesitant to tell people where he bought the ring from because I think it really sounds like a cheap, tacky, not-quite-legit company. I know it’s awful to say but that’s genuinely the impression I get from the name. And it couldn’t be further from the truth!

    I wouldn’t hesitate to use Diamond Geezer again and would definitely recommend them to anyone else. When I compare my ring to others on the High Street I can really see what an amazing deal my husband got. My husband bought an ‘investment quality’ diamond and he paid around £1900 for my ring, it was valued at £2,500 at the time and I am confident that if we were to have it valued again it would now be worth close to £3,000. It’s great to know we have invested wisely (not that I’d EVER sell it!).

    We didn’t buy our wedding rings from Diamond Geezer. We considered it, but we wanted to be able to try our rings on before we bought. I wanted to make sure mine would fit nicely next to the engagement ring. We ended up buying them from Tiffany’s. I would definitely consider Diamond Geezer for an eternity ring, but I wish the photos on the website did more justice to the rings. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell what they’ll look like in ‘real-life’.

    On top of everything else, the service we received from Diamond Geezer was exceptional. We were kept up to date with the progress of our order from start to finish and found the staff incredibly helpful.

    All in all, superb!

  7. SeptimusFry says:

    I bought a beautiful neck pendant from DG for my wife, and later a diamond and ruby eternity ring for our 40th. For the eternity ring, they did a bespoke design inspired by a ring we had seen at De Beers in Oxford street and I was able to specify the 3C’s to improve on the spec. Needless to say, I saved more than £1000 on the day. Similar savings on the 1ct neck pendant.

    I have nothing but praise for a company where you are just as likely to find Clive on the phone, sorting out some detail for you. Their post-order information system is a bit impersonal, but there will be someone on the end of th phone if you do need to check something.


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