D4M Entertainment as seen on Dragons Den – Great for unusual Wedding Entertainment

I was very impressed with the girls on this week’s Dragon’s Den who pitched their unusual entertainments business D4M Entertainment (Dance 4 Me Entertainment). They were one of only two hopefuls to get the Dragon’s backing and rightly so. They have put together a portfolio of acts which can be hired for entertainment and with the right guidance I think their comapny will be extremely successful.  The girls pitched their company to the Dragons with an emphasis towards corporate functions but a quick look on their website and you will see they also cater for themed events and wedding entertainment.

If you missed the show then you can see in the above image two of acts that could be hired for some unusual wedding entertainment.  The girls used their ‘talking tree’ and ‘meet and greet drink table’ as examples in their pitch to the Dragons but there are many other unusual acts in theor portfolio including stilt walkers and living statues.  These types of acts are not going to replace your reception disco, live band, or string quartet but if you have the budget to spare then it is this type of novelty background entertainment that will make your wedding event one that everyone will remember. 

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  1. tara jerman says:

    would love a number for d4m entertainment would love to use them

  2. Matt says:

    It looks as though the D4M website has undergone a complete revamp since I wrote this article. You will find their contact details at http://www.d4meventmanagement.com/contact/index.asp

  3. James says:

    D4M were ok but i think the winner of the day, believe it or not, was that travel cushion idea, i think it will make much more money when its on the market than a few qwerky trees at a party event!

  4. Matt says:

    You are joking!! are you referring to the non slip window cushion featured. You are not the inventor by chance ?

  5. Hello All,

    My name is Julia Charles I run D4M Ltd and appeared on Dragons’ Den in July last year.

    If you require any wedding entertainment or general entertainment please contact me using this code JC1002 for a 10%discount.

    Kind Regards,

    Julia Charles
    Managing Director

  6. Jhreynolds says:

    A New Form of Wedding Entertainment
    Flaming Fun Entertainments Introduces Its New Living Table range.

    Brighton, England – April 1, 2009
    Flaming Fun Ltd is proud to introduce their new Living Tables range. The living tables have been designed to be an innovative alternative for events looking for a different take on entertainment.
    The tables entertain in character, creating an exciting buzz as well as serving and offering guests their first cocktail or appetizer of the evening, they can also be used as the cake table as well as being an attention grabbing promotional table.
    Other ideas to serve: wine, hors d’oeuvres, dessert, favors, Goody bags, name tags, promotional materials or whatever else comes to mind.
    For more information visit www.flamingfun.com

  7. Clare says:

    Hello Everyone and Happy Easter,

    This is becoming a rather regular occurrence. Certain cheap imitation companies jumping on the band wagon of D4M`s hard work and success, coping our unique ideas and feeling the need to attach themselves to our success……… it’s becoming rather predictable, tiring and boring to say the least!!

    Obviously these companies haven’t quite managed to build a brand or bespoke service of their own and feel the need to jump on the back of D4M.

    While we appreciate this will always be a factor, we can only assure clients that the reason we have had this success and investment from two Dragon and national exposure and support is the fact that the service we offer is second to none.

    With professional performers, our own in house creative design team and constant brainstorming of new ideas, we are leading the market for offers to follow copy and imitate.

    We do understand that things are tight right now and would like to offer Weddingo customers a further 15% off our services. Contact for further details.

  8. Julie says:

    New ideas! I dont see any…. Youve copied all the ideas including the roaming tables from other companies in the USA. Does makeupbyjulie.com ring a bell? Remember nothing in this world is bespoke or unique, just done better then the last person to think about it. In fact it sounds like the above post is more of complaint about other companies doing it better then you!

    • paul says:

      ha no one can take affense from a company that works from out of thier garage. I have seen your tables and they are good no arguments there but your performer was nothing to be admired. I have booked many events with D4M and they work on a much grander scale and have not once been anything less than perfect. I would reccomend them to anyone.

  9. sam says:

    would just like to say that as a potential customer for my wedding in august the “haters” on this page seem like very cheap and nasty people. this is not the way to gain custom!!!. i will be in touch D4M your work looks amazing sam (who is just a honest customer looking at your work and just wanted to comment on the things being posted on your page) speak soon xxx

  10. kristy says:

    Absoloutely stunning work! I would be tempted to hire d4m at my wedding one day, will bear you in mind. Where are you based please?

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