Wedding dress charges – pay before you try.

Wedding dress charges

Well can you believe it, as well as charging an absolute premium for your wedding dress, some designers now want to charge you just to try one on! It seems the £2,000 starting price for many of these designers is not enough, now you have to pay for the time you spend trying them on, but surely that cost for sales and fitting staff at weekend and evenings or god forbid the designers time, should already have been accounted for in the cost of the dress. Phillipa Lepley (pictured gown) and Caroline Castiglione are just a couple of the designers who charge between £25 and £50 for a ‘consultation’, ‘fitting’ or ‘deposit’. Granted if you buy a dress you will be refunded this charge, but show me the bride who has gone in to the first shop she’s seen and bought a dress from there. Even if you should be lucky enough to find the right dress in the first shop you visit, it’s a woman’s prerogative to have to visit a few more shops, just to be sure! As Rachel Sheilds says in her article for The Independent “Some believe that there is a hint of snobbery in the new charges, with some shops hoping to deter women who are browsing outside their budget.” If this is the case you would think the designers might show a bit of charity to the brides who, unlike Coleen don’t have £1000,000 to spend on a dress, would like to just dream a little by trying on one of those elusive dresses. My tip is, if you want a designer dress, but don’t have the budget, get down to the Bridal Designer Sale in the West End on Wednesday 2nd or Thursday 3rd July to get yourself a bargain with upto 70% off.

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