Protecting your wedding dress with a bridal dress storage box

Bridal Dress Storage Box

After visiting many large wedding shows over the years I always see at least one stand that is stacked full of nothing more than empty boxes.  Very pretty boxes I might add but essentially empty and usually rather expensive.  These companies sell them on the day and probably make a tidy profit at the end of the event.  The empty boxes are of course for storing your wedding dress in after your wedding (or indeed before if you are very planning well ahead).  I am not sure whether it was because I was cynical (or male) but I always wondered why one wouldn’t just use a regular brown cardboard box and save the £30 – £60 that these ‘specialised’ dress boxes would retail for.  Well now I am of a different opinion.  Perhaps I am getting older and more open minded or maybe I am more in tune with my feminine side.

 Empty Box Company  Bridal Dress Storage Box from The Empty Box Company

These empty bridal dress boxes do have place and a purpose.  After spending hundreds or thousands of pounds on a wedding dress you want it to stay in pristine condition and my old grocery box from Tesco does not fit the bill.  Similarly, a plastic box does not allow a dress to breath and a clear box lets in light which can cause fading.  The safest answer is a professionally manufactured wedding dress box which is made from PH neutral board and have acid free tissue lining.  My grocery box almost certainly would not be and the acid or alkaline properties in the dye could cause a dress to ’yellow’ or discolour. The £30-£60 spent on a professional wedding dress box is starting to look like money well spent.

It is hard to recommend any particular bridal dress box supplier over another but whichever one you choose make sure that you do read the company blurb to find out if their bridal dress boxes protect the dress rather than simply provide it with some pretty packaging.  If you don’t then you might as well wrap that grocery box in wrapping paper and pretend it will do the job.

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