Cheap ‘Just Married’ Flip Flops with a free Beach Bag

Cheap Wedding Flip Flops

I was going to tell you about what a bargain these wedding flip flops are from Forever Memories.  They are only £9.99 a pair and you also get a free Just Married drawstring beach bag worth £4.99 thrown in.  However, given a choice I would probably go for the Diamon-T flip flops mentioned previously on this site.  They are the same price as the Forever Memories pair but have a bit of extra bling around the toe strap and are worth forfeiting the free bag for in my opinion.

The point with any of these sandals is that they leave an impression in the sand as you walk with the words ‘Just Married’.  If you believe the blurb from diamon-t they claim that the words on their sandals do not get clogged up with sand so leave a good impression every time.  I have to say, we have not put this to the test (there are not many sandy beaches near Southampton) but I think they might have a point.  The inverted letters on the Forever Memories pair have very sharp edges whereas the Diamon-T lettering has a more rounded profile.  Using my professional qualification is sand castle dynamics I would probably put my money on the Diamon-T product to deliver the goods.  Does anyone have any experience of either pair ?

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  1. Matt says:

    PS. If you watched The Apprentice this week you would have seen the hapless bunch trying to sell the Diamon-t flip flops at the National Wedding Show at the NEC. In my opinion, these flip flops are an essential beach accessory for the newly wed bride so must have been the easiest sale of all. Mind you, they would have had to sell 250 pairs to match the top range Ian Stuart dress.

  2. Sarah Leeson says:

    Just thought I`d let you know that I bought a pair of Diamon t and my friend and her new hubby bought a pair each of the Forever Memories Flip flops. We honeymooned together in the maldives and have to admit that the Forever memories pair were much better at leaving the impression in the sand, not only that they are about 10 times more comfortable, especially if youre wearing them all day like we did.
    I know its only a bit of fun but I would in hind sight have bought the Forever memories pairs, not only do they do his and hers but the free beach bags were ace. All`s well that ends well though,I managed to persuade my friends hubby to give his beach bag to me!

  3. Julie Bulary says:

    Thanks to reading this article I bought 2 pairs, his and hers,Forever Memories flip flops. What great value and a great product, so comfy and they really work in the sand. We used our beach bags every day, very useful. Just as a point of interest we also used Forever Memories for our hen and stag t shirts, great value and quality for anyone and a very friendly & efficient company to deal with.

  4. Matt says:

    OK, we thought this called for the first Weddingo Independent Consumer Product Test. A pretty grand title eh ?
    A short while ago we invited Forever Memories and Diamon’T to send us a pair of their prized Flip Flops so that I can take them home and test the ‘Just Married’ impression in my daughter’s sand pit. All very scientific you know. We have received the Diamon’T pair… just waiting for the Forever Memories pair.

  5. [...] to do a true comparison review with the Forever Memories version since after another article (Cheap ‘Just Married’ Flip Flops with a free Beach Bag) we had two comments very close together saying how good these were!  We contacted both Diamonte [...]

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