Scrabble Table Plan

Scrabble Table Plan 

Its not exactly a scrabble table plan.  In fact the designers have simply called it the “Word Game” table plan but with the appropriately positioned triple word and double word coloured square tiles you would be forgiven in first thinking that Spear Games have stamped their approval on this spin off.  I find it quite funny when I come across these copy cat designs that are “in the style of” a famous brand.  I expect this table plan design if quite safe from an intellectual property rights law suit because they have not tried to incorporate the Scrabble brand name but some brand rip offs do mysteriously disappear after only a short while on the market.  One that springs to mind recently was the Personalised Rolo wrappers which were doing the rounds last year as an unusual wedding favours.  They were not endorsed by Rowntrees and were withdrawn from sale as quickly as they were introduced.

Word Game Table NameWith this Word Game table plan the table names are positioned on the board just as in a game of scrabble.  I would love to order this table plan and choose some table names with plenty of high score letters such as Z, Q, and V to see how they manage to fit them on the board.  I do not think I would be their most popular customer.

The thing I like about this Table Plan and indeed all the Table Plans from the is that they also offer matching Table Name cards and Place Cards which can be ordered at the same time.  This is very convenient and makes the whole process of organising your reception seating must easier. 

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