Personalised Wedding Mugs. A Mugshot of your Happy Day

Wedding Photo MugsNow heres a great reminder of your special day.  Not only will you be waking up to your new hubby but now you can wrap your hands around him whilst you sip the first mug of tea or coffee of the morning.  We have found a couple of companies that personalise mugs.  I have to start with Muggins Mugs, simply because this company does nothing else but personalised wedding mugs.  I am still a little baffled by this because until now I have never come across a “Wedding Mug” so for a company to specialise in nothing else but leaves me to think there must be an underground demand that has gone unnoticed by me.  I mean , you would have thought that after buying the mug printing equipment then they might have been tempted to print a few birthday or anniversary mugs but no for Muggins Mugs wedding is the game and I guess you could say they have cornered the market.  I was intending to harp on about this but I just had a vision of the owner facing the Dragons in BBC 2′s Dragon’s Den with their newfound wedding mug business under their arm only to have Peter Jones make some smug quip about him being the real mug if he invested.

Anyway back to the mugs and forget my ramblings above.  Muggins Mugs have split their wide choice of wedding only mugs into 5 categories – Contemporary, funky, traditional, quirky and Wedding party and I love every one of them.  I personally think if you are going to have a mug personalised then it makes sense to choose a design that you can incororate one of your wedding photos and I think their traditional wedding photo mugs take a bit of beating.  They even have a Charles and Diana style wedding mug that will make the bridal couple look like a right royal pair.

If you are not worried about having a photo on your mug then you might like to check out the single offering from Getting Personal that simply has the bride and grooms name and wedding date.  The mug shown to the left costs £9.95 and has quirky cartoon couple above the personalisation.

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