Real Flower Petal Confetti – It’s Naturally Biodegradable

Real Flower Confetti

With many churches and venues banning artificial confetti and environmental concerns, it looked as if the tradition of throwing confetti could be a thing of the past.  Charles Hudson who started The Real Flower Petal Confetti Company thought it was a shame that couples could not start with the celebration of confetti throwing until out of the church grounds if at all, so when some petals fell from some flowers he was carrying the idea of real flower petal confetti was born.  The flower petals are dried naturally so the whole process is environmentally friendly, and what could be more natural than fallen blossom on the ground.  There is a huge array of flowers and colours available as well as different packaging options, so whether you want flower girls to carry baskets of confetti or if you want to use the petals to decorate your venue, you will find what you want.  For the delphinium petals pictured you will pay £1.65 for a small sachet up to £11 for a pint of petals. 

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  1. Collins Pt. says:

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