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Royal Mail Smilers Royal Mail have being doing these personalised photo stamps (or Smilers as they like to call them) for a good few years now but is amazing how few people have come across them.  They are great finishing touch for your wedding photos or your thank you cards.  I have just had a rummage around on my laptop to find a picture of me and the wife on our wedding day but I couldn’t find one so you’ve got famous celebrity couple Brad and Angelina instead (what he saw in her over Jennifer I’ll never know… anyway thats another story).

The process really is easy peasy.  Just visit the Smilers section of the Royal Mail website, upload a photo, choose a stamp design and then order online in sheets of 20.  A First Class sheet costs £13.50 so the stamps cost about twice their postal value but I think it is worth it for a touch of originality. 

Smiler ProcessThe stamp comprises two parts ; the stamp on the right is separated by a perforated edge from your photo on the left.  I guess that is so there is a symbolic barrier between your photo and the queens head.  Because of course the queen could’nt possibly be seen to endorse the mugshots of us common folk.  Nevermind, I wasn’t going to invite her anyway.

There are 16 stamp designs.  The champagne and butterflies design above is probably the closest you will get to a wedding design.  I am surprised there are no obvious wedding themes in the collection but there is a ‘Thank You’ design which is perfect for your Thank You cards of course.  It is in a bright orange and gold colour that would look perfect alongside a bronzed snap of the bridal couple on their honeymoon.

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