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Wedding Photo ShareYour wedding is over but you still have the the golden glow and grinning smiles from your honeymoon.  The next exciting thing to look forward to is getting your wedding photos from your photographer.  Most wedding photographers shoot digitally these days and many have the facility to log in to their website to view the photos from your big day a couple of days after the event.  This is usually a temporary facility to allow you to pick and choose which ones you want to buy / enlarge / take prints from etc.

If you are eager to share your photos with your guests the best and quickest thing you can do is sign up to a free online photo management website and upload and share your wedding photos online.  There are many sites that offer the service absolutely free of charge.  Where’s the catch I hear you ask ?  Well there isn’t one really they offer the free service in the hope that you or your viewing guests might take advantage of the additional printing services you have to offer.  In other words, once you have uploaded your big day, then against each picture the photo sharing website will give the opportunity to order prints, enlargements, jigsaws, mugs, tea trays, pillows, in fact just about anything with a flat surface can be printed on.  Its up to you or your viewing guests whether they want to take advantage of the paid services.

Privacy is key from the big online photo sharing companies so you can be assured that not any old Tom, Dick or Harry will be eyeing you up in your low cut evening dress or leching over the bridesmaids.  You can restrict people from viewing your photos by allowing them to be viewed by invitation only.  In other words, your friends will need a password before they can access them.  A great way of informing your wedding guests of how to view your photos is in a personalised thank you card.  Thank them for their wedding presents first of course and then add a footnote informing them of the website your wedding photos are hosted on and details of how to access your wedding album.  Sharing you photos online is cheaper that getting prints done for your guests yourself because they can pick, choose and order their own photos themselves if they wish.

Which website should you choose to upload your wedding photos?  They are dozens of different companies offering this service and the features between them are all much of a muchness.  Here are three of the big names to get you started.  They are all free to upload and share your wedding snaps. Enjoy

Picasa - The online photo sharing application from Google.  Google has their fingers in many pies and these days they offer much more than just a world beating search engine.  With all their applications they have the knack of making things very easy for their users.  Its very easy for you to upload your wedding photos, its very easy to share the photos privately with your friends and family and, of course, its very easy for anyone on the share list to buy prints.  You do have to download the Picasa application on to your PC but you may find you already have it installed if you have downloaded the free Google Pack of programs. 

- This site has grown considerably in recent years and is now owned by Yahoo.  The growth has mainly come about from ease of use and the excellent social networking features in the application and it is the choice program for many people integrating photos in to their blogs because having the photos on Flicks server doesnt drain the resources from the blog server itself.

Photobox- Another nifty little site.  I am particularly impressed with the online photobooks you can create with this application.  Much easier that trying to stick your photos in to a traditional wedding photo album.  You can get a 26 page photo album for only £20 and individual prints from as little as 5p each.  Well worth a look.

Of course, the other way to share your photos is through an online social networking site such as Facebook or Myspace.  These are not stand alone photo sharing websites however so may be a little less straightforward to navigate for your visiting guests and it also requires them to register on the site.

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  1. Pamela says:

    Until now users had no other options but to upload their wedding/honeymoon photos to Flickr, Photobucket etc. But with new softwares like Purplenova Funcaster, they don’t have to upload their photos anywhere. All they have to do is to keep content on their PC and publish it via ‘Purplenova’. This provides users full control over when and how long they want to share their Private photos. This also helps them keep their content fresh. Not only can they do this for photos, but they can also share their wedding videos, music etc this way. They can also create a FunCaster widget of their content and put it on an sites like myspace and facebook, for eg. I have created a widget and added it to my myspace page, have a look at it here,


  2. Robin says:

    There is also this new site – www.weddingphotoswap.com – which is aimed specifically at the wedding market – it’s great because you register your details, and then they send out little cards to you to send to your guests with details of the site and password etc .

    It’s a great way to get all your wedding photos together on a dedicated site.

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