Bridesmaid Dress with Pink Flowers from Mori Lee

This is exactly the sort of dress I would have loved to wear when I was a bridesmaid.  Unfortunately I had to make do with a hideous home made affair with bits of net that stuck in my shoulders all day long.  This gorgeous dress from Mori Lee is called Shelley and is perfect for a spring or summer wedding with a delicate pink theme.   The sweet little flowers are dotted randomly over the net skirt and match the sash.  If the colour of the flowers isn’t quite right, the dress is available in all white or all pearl so that you could coordinate with flowers, shoes or a little shrug.  There are some stunning bridal dresses in their collection too including some fabulous ‘Gone with the wind‘ style dresses.

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  1. stacey lee says:

    hi i was wondering if their would be any way of getting this dress but as an off the shoulders one and with burgundy detail on i love to of the mori lee flowergirl dress’s and would like to be able to contact her to see if possible

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Stacey, you will need to click on the link in the article to the suppliers website where they should be able to answer any questions for you. Good luck. Just checked and the links don’t appear to be working because they have updated their site and don’t have that dress on there. It doesn’t look as if the UK site has any flower girl dresses but it might be worth checking a stockist near you as they may know how to get one.

  2. Lisa says:

    Sorry forgot to say have put a link on for the Europe site where you can find a stockist.

  3. Mic says:

    I need to find BHS irls scarlett dress . Doe anyone know whow i can get one. have tried ordering on the online Site but it’s not available.


  4. Mic says:

    Need to find BHS Girls SCARLETT Bridesmaid DRESS.

  5. j hurley says:

    you need to get this on-line we were looking for red but they are not stocked in shops.

  6. Mic says:

    j hurley

    Thank you for your help. i have tried the on-line website but the dress code does not register.

  7. Mic says:

    Thanks for help everone, dress now available on-line

  8. Mic says:

    After all the hoo ha i dont like the BHS dress and have sent it back.

    I have ordred another dress online from America. This dress is completely red and made from taffeta. Does my wedding and cheifs dress have to be of similar material?

    What can I do to accesorise this dress?

  9. Mic says:

    My dress is tulle style and it’s a Caribbean wedding. Not sure if it all goes together.

    Comments please!

  10. Lisa says:

    The dress is gorgeous and I would say that the materials don’t need to be the same or similar, especially when you’re going for contrasting colours. The red is really striking and would look lovely with bright colours for a Caribbean wedding. I would choose more than one colour like yellows, blues and greens in the form of a little bag, flowers or jewellery to accessorise.

  11. mic says:

    Thanks Lisa you have made my day xxxxxxxxxx

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