Pink Heart Chocolate Confetti

Wedding Table Chocolate 

Chocolate confetti is not for throwing at the bride as a reward for staying on that wedding diet for the last year.  It is for decorating the reception tables with something that tastes just as yummy as it looks.  Now you can have bio-consumable table confetti to accompany your traditional biodegradable throwing confetti.

The white chocolate squares have a sunken pink heart in the centre and come in packs of 200.  It may be a bit of an appetite killer if your guests start nibbling between courses but it may help keep fussy children quiet if the menu is’nt to their liking.  Yep, I know they should’nt be eating chocolate for dinner but unless you are inviting Jamie Oliver its your wedding and your rules.

They are a bit pricey at £150 for a pack of 200 from Chocolate on Chocolate.  Maybe a box of white chocolate mice from your local cash and carry wholesaler would do the same job.  Mind you if its pink and white you are after you would have to use some pink food colouring.  Tables full of white chocolate mice with pink eyes and tails.  Albino mice….. now theres a wedding theme you wont find in the high street bridal mags.

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