Wedding Crackers are not just for Christmas

Ideal for Christmas, or any time of the year in fact, wedding crackers are sure fire way to ensure your wedding breakfast goes off with a bang.  If you are planning a Christmas wedding then you dont really want the kind of crackers you pick up at the local supermarket so if you pick a specialist cracker company you can choose a colour scheme that coordinates with your wedding.  The wonderful thing about buying crackers from a cracker company is that you can usually ask the makers to put your own choice of gifts inside.  Totally Crackers and Classic Crackers both offer this service.  This way you can stuff your crackers with something a little more personal than a plastic comb or a miniature jigsaw.  Just Miniatures has a novel answer to what to put inside your wedding crackers – Personalised miniature bottles of spirits.  I am not sure of the health and safety implications of this as I am instantly conjuring up images of a crowded reception hall with mini bottles of whiskey flying from table to table.  Maybe you should wrap the bottles in bubble wrap first.

Anyway, back to the title of this article.  Wedding crackers are not just for Christmas.  Think of them as novel favour boxes and they don’t have to be decorated with holly, snowmen and tinsel.  The pics below show you some of the styles available from the companies we mention on this page.

Black and White Cracker Black with silver stars

Polka Dot Wedding Crackers A dotty spotty polka design

Christmas Crackers  Traditional wedding crackers

Bride and Groom Crackers  Bride and Groom wedding crackers

Finally, If you are planning on having crackers at your wedding remember 3 important rules.

Name Card Crackers1.  Make sure there are enough to go around, watching grown adults wrestling under the table over who gets the gift is not the best start to your reception.  Totally crackers do some wonderful name tag crackers which double your cracker up as a place card.  The perfect answer to avoid any confusion.

2.  Consider having the mass cracker pull before the first drinks are poured (perhaps the Best Man or Master of Ceremonies could announce this).  This way the ladies will avoid having their posh new frocks ruined by a spilt glass of red wine.  It also means the waiters can so a quick rubbish collection before the food arrives so that the tables are not covered with spent crackers.

3.  Don’t forget the children.  They will be among the most eager to pull the crackers so think about ordering some children’s crackers for your wedding with gifts tailored to them.  Try and choose crackers with small puzzle style toys inside to keep them entertained before the food is served.  MKN do some ideal character crackers such as Disney, Thomas the Tank Engine, and all the other children’s favourites  

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