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A novel idea from www.youbuymywedding.comallows you to set up a wedding list with a difference.  Rather than buy you gifts for your wedding your guests will actually be helping to pay for the cost of the wedding.  I wasnt sure about this at first but the more I look into it the better it sounds.  It sounds a bit cheeky sending your guests an invitation and then expecting them to pay for it when they receive it but in actual fact the idea doesn’t feel like that when you take a look at the example web page that you can set up.

Pledge ScreenRather than give your guests the cold hard figures of your wedding budget they are presented with a graphical interface that shows the different elements of your wedding such as catering, flowers, drinks, entertainment, rings, honeymoon etc and a coloured bar underneath to show how much as been pledged towards the cost based on the predefined targets that you have set.

When a pledge has been made by your guests youbuymywedding will send you a free SMS text to your mobile phone.

Wedding costs can be a huge expense even for the cautious couple on a strict budget and an idea like this can be just the ticket to help a couple tie the knot rather than ‘leave it a few years’.  Its much better than getting a loan which will be hanging over your heads long after the honeymoon.

As soon as the big event is announced you will often find that close friends and family wishing to help out with the financial burden.  Well now they can and at the same time you don’t loose control of the style that you are trying to achieve.  The mother in law will be able to help with the wedding cake without actually baking it herself and your gran will be able to help with the wedding dress without getting her sewing machine down from the loft.

Wheres the catch.  Well there doesn’t seem to be one.  youbuymywedding take their cut of the money given by your guests by way of a 4.75% admin charge which they say covers the cost of the processing charges made on your guests debit and credit cards and the cost of sending the SMS messages to you.  Youbuymywedding use Paypal to accept payments from your guests.  A business account with Paypal charges youbuymywedding between 1.4% and 3.4% depending on how much money they are taking so after taking out the small cost of the SMS messages they are probably making £1 or £2 for every £100 that your guests give you.  This doesn’t sound very greedy to me and is a lot easy than asking your guests for financial help face to face.

If this all sounds a bit too clinical then could always adopt the Filipino custom of getting your guests to pin money to your wedding dress at the evening reception or if you get married in Southern Italy the custom is for your guests to hand over wads of cash in envelopes as they leave in return for a wedding favour. 

expense and an idea like this can be just the ticket to help a couple tie the knot.  Most close friends and family want to help with the wedding and this is the ideal way for them to share the financial burden without taking out a loan.

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