Gothic Wedding Bouquet

Goth Style Wedding Bouquet

Wow.  I bet you havent seen a bouquet like this before.  My thoughts immediately turn to a sophisticated evening wedding.  This Moulin Rouge style wedding bouquet from Pink Corsage has a gothic elegance that will coordinate beautifully with the recent trend towards wedding dresses and bridal make up that have a rennaissance flair.  A central core of deep red roses is bordered by black marabou feathers to make a striking contrast.  And just so Granny does’nt think you have totally lost your marbles some subtle gold wire embellishments and gold heart add a bit of traditional sparkle.

Black Feather CorsageMaybe coordination isnt the intention with this style of bouquet or if you dont have the nerve for such a bold statement then Pink Corsage Gone have some gorgeous gothic button holes to match for some low key goth accessories.  Gone are the days of single carnation wedding button holes.  These funky Moulin Rouge style corsages match the Moulin Rouge style bouquet beautifully.  Now all you need is some corset style wedding invitations and some bar dancers and a turn of the century French red windmill for your reception.

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  1. Please can you correct the link to my website for my moulin rouge gothic design bouquet.
    Thank you

    • Tory Aviles says:

      Hi, My best friend is having a Gothic themed wedding and I would really like some help finding a place to buy a bouquet like the one you made.. Any help would be appreciated.


      • Lisa says:

        You will need to click on the link to Pink Corsage website where they will be able to help you. Good luck.

  2. Andrea says:

    This is awesome, I am getting married in two years but I am getting ready now….this is just the thing I was looking for, but only the red roses and black feathers…our theme is red and black!

  3. daina says:

    Please can you correct the link to my website for my moulin rouge gothic design bouquet.
    thank you

    • Lisa says:

      It appears to be working when I click on the link in the text, if you need a different link please provide it in a comment. Thanks.


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