Retro Wedding Transport – VW Camper Style

Retro Camper Van

This would have been a winner with my wife, unfortunately she had to make do with my old Escort because we were skint.  The old VW Camper Vans remind me of the Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo and I am not sure I would want to arrive at my wedding in one.  That said, I can see a certain romance in driving off into the sunset on my honeymoon in hippy 70′s retro love and peace style.

You can pick up a reto camper for your wedding from Snail Trail.  You have a choice of Betty, Pearl, Flo, Elsie, Matilda, Nell, Prudence, Dot, Sylvie, Ivy & Ruby.  Yep, they’ve named their camper vans in true 70′s style.  All their VW’s are less than 2 years old so you should’nt have to worry about breaking down and not getting to the church on time.

The snailtrail Honeymoon package costs just £125.00 and they will spruce up your camper van with “just married” signage on all for sides, a flower arrangement inside, a chilled bottle of bubbly and a box of Hotel Chocolate truffles.  Perfect !

Happy Days.

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  1. G says:

    What a great way to arrive on your big day. Come to that, you could do the honeymooon in it too

  2. Sarah says:

    hi – i am looking for a vw beetle camper van to hie for my sisters wedding – if you know where I can get one from that would be great.

  3. Lisa says:

    Hi Sarah, if you click on the link within the article it will take you to the Snail Trail website where they have all the hire info.
    Good luck.

  4. lisa says:

    I know there is a company in the hig wycome area as they had a VW beetle, campervan and karman Ghia (all vintage vw’s) sprayed in a pearl white which they hire out for weddings..they had them at the Hillingdon Motor show last summer..I’m sorry but I do not know the website as I lost the leaflet they gave me..I hope you find them or contact a local VW club who may be able to help as I am not sure where you live
    :o )

  5. karen says:

    Hey there!

    I spotted this whilst looking for wedding invitations for ourselves … but myself and my fiance have a number of classic vw camper vans available for self drive hire … take a look at our website and feel free to ask any questions! We’re in Warwick in the Midlands … All the best!

    Karen (& Colin!)

  6. Lucy says:

    Hi, I have just hired a lovely camper for my wedding next year, it is a company based in Dorset called South Coast Campers. Website below. The great thing is my brother is driving and we are having it for the following day. Can’t wait. Hope all goes well for you. x

  7. Anna says:

    Wow that’s the perfect way for a VW enthusiast to arrive in style! I sell artwork and at the moment have the most amazing image of retro VW Campers which would make fantastic wedding presents. Just give us an email for more details:
    Thanks, Anna.

  8. l harman says:

    i am trying to find a company in the dorset area who i could hire a vwcampervan from in july just for one night to take my daughter and her friends to their prom – wherabouts are you based and do you do that sort ofthing – what would be price/number of passengers etc thank you

    • Lisa says:

      You will need to click on the link within the article to take you to the suppliers website where they will be able to answer any questions for you. Good luck.

  9. We like the old type 2, but hire out Type 4 campers from our base in Kent. You get a bit more room, all the comforts of cruise control, economical diesel engine, heaters, sat nav etc etc.

    Check out our website for all the details.

  10. Lib Ostle says:

    Have a look at for campervans and beetles for weddings.
    All of their VW are white too, I used Chaz and Alice last year for my wedding. (they name their cars).
    They are from Darlington, North East but not sure how far they travel across the UK.

  11. Sam says:

    Hi there,

    I own a fresh and friendly VW camper hire company based in the Midlands perfect for wedding hire or for an alternative honeymoon!

    My classic T25 campers are from the 80′s and so are easy to drive and can keep up with modern day traffic. Equipped with everything you could possibly need they are the ideal alternative getaway.

    Take a look at my site for further info.

    Cheers and good luck with the big day.


  12. Holly Bell says:


    I am getting married in Bar Hill, Cambridgeshire this June and would like to hire a campervan with a driver to take my husband to be from his best man’s house to our venue.

    Any ideas???


  13. Helen says:

    Hi, My fiancé and I would like to drive off on our honeymoon in one, however we are finding it difficult to hire a (70s) vintage VW camper van that we can take out of the UK, we are planning a road trip driving around France and a campervan would be perfect. Anyone got any ideas?

    Thanks Helen


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