Cupcake Wedding Cake

Orange Wedding Cupcake

I always thought that cupcake wedding cakes were a bit of a cheat.  My children bring delicious cupcakes home from school that they have knocked up in home economics.  I am no expert but I reckon that if they made enough of them and I ask them to balance them on top of each other like a Masterchef challenge game of Jenga then I would have myself a cupcake creation as good as many I have seen in a magazine.

My thought on wedding cupcake cakes soon changed when I came across the Cupcake Fairy.  No, she did’nt visit me one night and put angel cakes under my pillow but she did leave me thinking that my homemade cupcake tower would win no points in presentation or decoration.  The orange cupcake creation pictured above would look beautiful surrounded by orange lilies on the cake table.

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  1. Christine Alamo says:

    I think it looks beautiful as it is or with pretty flowers…GREAT IDEA

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