Brown and White Wedding Cake

Brown and White Chocolate Cake

Now heres a chocolate wedding cake that will keep all your guests happy.  If you like white chocolate then you need to stake a claim for a slice from layers 2 or 4.  If you are bittersweet dark chocolate fan then layers 2 or 4 will hit the spot.

If you have stopped licking your monitor yet you can find more wonderful chocolate wedding cakes from the creator of this Chocolate Rose and Lily Wedding Cake at The Little Venice Cake Company

This chocolate fantasy designed by Mich Turner who has been described by Gordon Ramsay as the Bentley of Cake Makers.  Mich worked as a Pattiserie Buyer for Harvey Nichols before starting the Little Venice Cake company in 1999.

As I type they have been talking non stop about cakes on the Edith Bowman Radio One show.  Its getting too much for me.  My mouth wont stop watering so I am off to get a chocolate fix.

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  1. Sam says:

    Hi, Came across your website and really like the look of this cake.
    Please could you tell me, would it be possilbe for the flowers to be done in orange and dark purple rather then the brown and white and at what cost would this cake be with both, your finish as in the picture and the requested colour change?

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