Wedding Trainers

Wedding Trainer

If you are after wedding trainers then you either after that bohemian carefree “I can wear whatever I want on my wedding day” look or you are planning on doing a runner after the ceremony.  Julia Roberts should have thought about wearing a pair of wedding trainers from Henry Kaye in her 1999 hit Runaway Bride.  Whilst not built for speed they have a great pair of flat Court Shoes which are ideal for the taller bride who does’nt want to be towering over a shorter husband at the Altar.  These simple pumps, like all trainers, have no heel.

The great thing about a pair of simple white wedding trainers is that they will match pretty much any no frills wedding dress and they are also designed for comfort.  Comfort is all too often overlooked but is a very important factor.   Unless you are planning on doing a test run first then it will not be until your wedding day that you will really know just how comfortable your wedding shoes are after hours of wear.

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  1. Lisa says:

    I got a pair of white Sketchers trainers with diamonte bling on them from Ebay. They were perfect as I am very short and they had big platform soles. I wore gold heeled sandals for the ceremony and meal and as I don’t wear heels much my feet were killing me. I changed into my trainers and it was pure heaven for my feet.

  2. Angie says:

    was there an alternative site for these as I have EXACTLY the same dilemma and I cant find any anywhere. Your help would be greatfully appreciated

  3. Lisa says:

    Is it the Skechers trainers you were looking for? If so they are incredibly hard to find and constantly checking Ebay is your best bet, type in white platform trainers and you’ll have to sift through the results. If it was the flat shoe type trainers in the article then Henry Kaye still do them as do other wedding shoe suppliers. Good luck.

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