When to send wedding invitations – Ignore the Advice

Wedding InvitationNearly every wedding invitation supplier I have come across offers simple advice on when to send our your wedding invitations.  If you took note of the majority of them then you would come to the conclusion that 4 to 6 weeks before the wedding is the right time to post them.  What a load of nonsense !

If only it were that straightforward.  I think a bit of common sense is in order here.  Everyone’s wedding is different.  If you have having a small family get together then most of your guests will already know when you wedding is so the timing may not be that important and the invitations are more of a formality.  Alternatively, you may have jumped on the ‘Save the Date’ bandwagon and informed your guests well in advance of the big day which serves to render the timing of the invitation as less critical because your guests will already have your wedding date circled on their calendars.

When you send your invitations becomes much more important when you are having a wedding in the busy summer season.  If you send your invitation 4 to 6 weeks before the wedding you may find that many of your guests have already booked their summer holidays and will not be able to attend or worse still somebody else has beaten you too it and your guest has two wedding invites for the same date.  This is also true of a christmas wedding when people make plans well in advance.

Another factor to consider is when you require the replies to the invitations.  Many wedding caterers will want to know the number of guests attending well in advance and you wedding stationer will need to know guests names to finalise your table plan.  You need to give your guests time to respond and you need to consider the time you require for organisation.

In short my advice is to ignore the generalistic advice offered by the wedding stationery firms and trust your own instincts.  Nobody knows your guests and circumstances better than you.

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