Las Vegas Wedding Table Plan

Las Vegas Table Plan

I am no gambling man but I am drawn to the glitz and bright lights of Las Vegas and this Las Vegas Table Plan from Caribou Creative captured the mood perfectly.  I guess when you go for a table plan with a strong theme like this you need to have a good reason for it and advertising to your guests that you are a couple of gamblers isnt really the message you are probably wishing to portray.  If on the other hand you are having a james bond theme wedding or a real swanky black tie evening do with coctails and canapes and white linen suits then this kind of Table Plan would be a welcome accessory. 

Better still, perhaps you are having your honeymoon in Las Vegas or even getting married in Las Vegas.  If this is the case then you certainly will want to make room for this Table Plan in your suitcase.  Incidently, unlike many other Table Plan manufacturers Caribou Creative will make the Table Plan to any size (so you wont have to buy a new suitcase as well)

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  1. Pauline Henderson says:


    I’m getting married on the 31st october 2009. We are going to Las Vegas for our honeymoon.

    We would like to have our table plan based around Las Vegas. With casino games possibly being the theme.

    There would be 4 tables in total.With 44 people attending the reception.

    I was wondering if you caold give me a quote for this.



  2. Lisa says:

    You will need to contact the supplier directly, the link to their website is in the article.

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