Wedding Proposal Practice Ring

Fake Engagement Ring 

Its Valentines day and you are ready to pop the big question over a romantic candlelit dinner for two.  You have a problem though.  You are worried she wont like the engagement ring you’ve bought her.  Worse still you’ve bought one so large that it only just about fits on her right toe.  Well now help is at hand in the shape of a Stunt Ring.

What is a stunt ring ?  with such a flashy name you might expect it to do flashy things in free abandon.  Don’t worry it will not show you up on your big day because its nothing more than a piece of costume delivery made from non precious metal with a gold plating.  What it is does do is give you the tool to propose on the day and then you and your partner can go off shopping and pick out something she really does like.  These practice engagement rings come in two colours and three sizes and cost £18.50 each.

I guess they are good idea but I cant help feeling that using one of these rings is a bit like dipping your toe in the shallow end of the swimming pool.  If she says no ……well at least its only cost you £18.50.  I think you will score a lot more romance points if you play the long game.  By that I mean you need to find out what sort of rings she likes, find out her size by secretly borrowing some other rings in that dive in the deep end big style with your proposal

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