Drying your wedding bouquet

Wedding Bouquet Preservation

Now heres a tricky one.  Do you want to keep with the tradition of throwing your bridal bouquet at your wedding or do you want to preserve i forever ?  If its the latter than Precious Petals offer an all in one nationwide service.  They will collect your bouquet straight after your wedding whilst it is still fresh and you can then choose one of two preservation methods.

You can either have your flowers pressed or dried three dimensionally.  The first method seems a bit old fashioned to me and I cannot imagine a bouquet looks much like a bouquet after its been cranked between two press plates.  The service that caught my eye was the 3D preservation service that retains the true shape and form of the bouquet.  Precious Petals claim that advances in wedding flower preservation in recent years means that colour is preserved much better than before.  The bouquet is framed behind glass which should keep the dust and spiders out if you are going to have the bouquet on display.

I am not sure I would like it as part of my home decor but I do think its a great idea and is a treasured memory that could be kept inside a treasured box alongside the wedding dress, photos, and other wedding memories.

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