Have you remembered the wedding dance floor ?

Portable Wedding Dance Floor 

Now its not at the top of most wedding planning lists but if you want to boogie in style then you need a dance floor that is up to the job.  Check out your wedding venues dance area (its sometimes hidden under the carpet in your reception room).  Is it big enough ?  or more importantly is it there at all.  One thing you dont want to be doing is dancing on carpet tiles.

Portable Floor Makers is the answer to the problem you didnt think you might have.  Yep, I thought it was a bit of a joke at first.  We first saw this company in Brides magazine and unfortunately we could’nt find the image they had of a bridal couple spinning around on a pristine white dance floor.  The chessboard dance floor pic above does’nt quite do it for me and when you find out your partner has two left feet it might make you start to think whether you made the right move (pardon the pun).  If this is got you interested then you do need to ask about them the shiny white floor that they offer, or any one of the dozens of dance floors they have at their disposal.  They all seem to lock together without glue, nails or hard work hopefully.

Portable Floor Makers looks like they know everything there is to know about dance floors.  They did the floor for X factor (the bit they stand on when facing Simon, Louis, and Sharon).  Perhaps this isnt the wisest choice for a wedding though.  Its a bit late if you dont think your partner has the X factor by now.

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