Children’s Wedding Party Bags

Event Smiles Childrens Party Boxes

When I was at the National Wedding Show at London Olympia last year I came across an excellent little company that specialised in entertaining the little ones on the big day.  I cannot for the life of me remember the name of the company and I cannot find them online.  It will come to me later I am sure and I’ll write about them as soon as find out.

In the meantime, I did come across Event Smiles that specialise in party bags for the children at you wedding.  This company impressed me, not so much for the content inside the bags, but more for the fact that they packaged in a pretty box rather than a cheap tacky bag that is more suited to a birthday party rather than a wedding reception.  These boxes come in one of 8 colours and they even do matching favours so that they blend in with the rest of the wedding theme.

Event Smiles call these boxes of fun ‘smiles’ which ‘contain quality toys and creative products with the emphasis being on quality non-messy tabletop play’.  Sounds good to me.  Dont get me wrong, I have two children myself and I love them to bits but anything that is going to keep them quiet for a couple of hours (especially on the most important day of life*) then these are worth every penny of the £9.99 that Event Smiles charge for these goodies.

 The boxes are conveniently categorised into age and of course gender.  I picked two of them to have a closer look inside. 

Girly wedding party bag 

Girl Wedding Party Bag 6 – 8 years from Event Smiles (£19.99)

Littlest Pet Shop - ( Cute animal with accessory play set )
Princess Cards - ( Disney Princess card game )
Wriggler -( Small fury creature that can move like magic! )
3D Cute Girl Puzzle - ( Slot together 3D model )
Cross Stitch Bookmark - ( Easy, colourful starter kit (plastic needle!) )
Disney Pressers - ( Transfers with background scenery card )
Colouring Pencils -( Packet of colouring pencils (12) )
Design a Greeting Card -( Blank Card & Envelope to design and colour )
Design a bag - ( Pre-cut gift bag to colour and use )
Door Hanger - ( Design and colour your own door hanger )
Design a jointed person - ( Pre-cut body pieces to bring to life! )
Word search - ( Childs puzzle )
Boxes - ( Paper game )
Joke sheet - ( Amusement to share with others! )
Drawing paper - ( Plain paper for individual drawing )

Childrens Wedding Party Bags Boys 

Boy Wedding Party Bag 3 - 5 years from Event Smiles

Farm Animals -( Farm animal play set )
Bendy Figure -( Smiley, wipe clean mini figure )
Story Book -( Picture story book (assorted) )
Wax crayons -( 8 standard pack )
Activity book -( Mini colouring/activity book )
Design a bag -( Pre-cut gift bag to colour and use )
Door Hanger -( Design and colour your own door hanger! )
Plain Paper -( Plain paper for individual drawing )

Personalised Childrens Wedding Boxes 

Each childrens party box can be personalised with the child’s initials.  This is a great touch and you will be surprised how the little ones pick up on the little touches like that and are likely to keep their special little box for years and years to come.

(* should I have said that the birth of my 2 children were the most important days of my life ?)

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