Step to it. Finding your feet on your wedding day

Your guests will think you’ve reached the final of Strictly Come Dancing.  Well maybe you wont be that good.  At the very least a professional dance tutor will avoid the embarrasment of you falling flat on your face for your first dance.  Or even worse it will avoid you hugging on to your partner like a Koala Bear hugging his favourite tree and waddling around the dance floor until the music stops. Wedding DanceMy partner and I tried private dance lessons a few years ago.  We perfected a pretty mean foxtrot but the bruises left behind after our Latin American renditions made us both wish we wearing shin guards.  Not a pretty site at any wedding.  I guess there is no real cure for two left feet syndrome but there are steps you can take to lessen the embarrassment.First Dance UK can send a dance choreographer to your own home to get your quickstepping to your favourite first dance song in no time or a flick throgh the Yellow Pages will uncover many tucked away dance halls in your local area that you didnt know existed.  My tip, from experience, is to pick a simple routine and do it well rather than than a difficult routine done badly.  That way you will not be worried about it throughout the wedding day and can relax.

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